Join us in bringing data literacy to LA! Institutions – both public and private, use data to drive decision-making. These decisions impact the lives of all Angelenos and we believe that it is our community’s moral duty to educate, inform and help each other better understand data and the utility of data. Our mission is a data literate Los Angeles.

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1 Submitted Idea

  • CREATE ·2021 Grants Challenge

    GREHO Inc. - RDP Program (Restaurant Data Pipeline)

    Impact through Data Literacy: Food service is one of LA's biggest industries and economic contributors. In a critical post-pandemic phase, our restaurants need all the tools they can use to sustain themselves. Data utility or its lack thereof has critical real world implications for restaurants. The RDP Program will help restaurants learn how to use data and: 1.) Receive personalized data training and mentorship 2.) Design, Build and Deploy their own data pipeline The goal is to facilitate business success through data based skill-building