We care about LA.

Welcome to the LA2050 impact metrics dashboard.

The impact metrics are measures of progress for each of the five LA2050 goals – to make Los Angeles the best place to connect, create, learn, live, and play. One metric by itself can’t tell the complete story but taken together, the metrics paint a picture of how the Los Angeles region is faring.

Through the metrics, we’ve defined clear targets for the year 2050. As you explore, you’ll notice that some have already been achieved, while others are much further from being realized. You’ll also see that some of our impact metrics are referred to as “dream metrics” – metrics we’d love to measure but don’t have quantitative data for. This represents our belief that just because something can’t yet be measured, doesn’t mean we should overlook it.

When selecting data to represent our impact metrics, we looked for measures that:

a) are from reliable, regularly-updated sources,

b) represent the experiences of residents across Los Angeles County, and

c) capture the spirit of our five goals.