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Your Favorite Los Angeles Places and Spaces

Welcome to this living collection of some of your favorite Los Angeles places and spaces!

During the past few years, social impact leaders throughout the region have shared with us their "Fave Five" LA-area locations to live, learn, create, play, and connect. In this map, you'll find each place and space categorized by pins in our five corresponding LA2050 colors.

Also of late, the LA2050 team has created and shared a number of original maps that feature different current and historically-relevant sites across LA. These maps cover everything from women's history, LGBTQ+ history, and environmental history, to soup kitchens, public skate parks, botanical gardens, and more. All of these locations are also incorporated here.

To see the original, more highly designed maps and Fave Fives, please follow us @LA2050 on Instagram and Twitter.

And if you have an ideas for a map we should make, please feel free to DM us!