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Crop Swap Pilots Front Yard Microfarm

Posted February 13, 2021 by Crop Swap Los Angeles

Crop Swap LA is moving forward with its first front yard microfarm. It has not been easy maintaining safety measures at all points during the COVID crisis, but we are even more resolved for our mission because of it. Thank you for your continued support.

Located at 4603 Angeles Vista Boulevard in View Park, we have our materials prepared, vendors selected, and the month-long process to tarp and sunlight deprive the top layer has begun. Drive by sometime to see it (being respectful to the owners, of course).

Our Progress

There were a multitude of businesses and services needed to facilitate this project. To date, we have contracted:

  • Subject area specialists on soil science, irrigation, and design. For instance, EnviroscapeLA is a close collaborator on the project.
  • An outsourced human resources support team for payroll and HR compliance
  • An accountant to ensure we cover expenses and pay taxes reliably
  • An attorney to custom craft land use agreements between CSLA and Homeowners. This ensures a predictable amount of time we can earn income as a partnership.
  • Adequate banking infrastructure to take and receive transactions (contact details are available upon request)

Most notably, the farm design is appropriately innovative for our arid environment, allowing us to capture and recycle rainwater hundreds of times to grow regenerative organic food. We've received our materials, and we're partnering with Enviroscape LA to install it by March 2021.

Our features include:

  • Two basins of water with pumps. These irrigate the crops from the top and imitate rainwater falling during times of drought.
  • Eco rainboxes, which are made from recycled baby bottles. These will be buried under the garden, and make space for irrigated water to recollect and drain into the basins
  • Stuffed garden soxx - custom soil mix, with regeneratively designed soil recipes.
  • Growing seasonal lettuces and herbs like arugula, kale, swiss chard, lemon balm, sage, and rosemary.
  • Onsite seedling nursery
  • Community composting activity partnered with Compost LA

Our Angeles Vista site plan

The costs for the project have increased as time has gone and as design needs have changed. We are confident we can launch a series of these gardens, begin a legitimate movement in the process, and adjust perspectives. It may be one garden that does that, or it may be more than one, as we try to be efficient with precious resources and donations we've gotten for the project.

The Department of Recreation and Parks Goes Mobile

Posted February 13, 2021 by City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks

The Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) envisions an accessible park system for all residents and is committed to equity by specifically focusing its investments to close current disparities in park access and park program participation. These disparities have been found to disproportionately impact low-income communities and communities of color. A Mobile Recreation Program is one answer to addressing these inequities and helping to make LA the best place to PLAY by bringing themed vans to LAUSD schools not within a 10-minute walk of a park. RAP's goal was to bring a park environment to communities that do not have easy access to parks.

The objective is to mobilize and make accessible various physical activities that will allow youth to participate in the communities that are underserved. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and LAUSD school closures, RAP's themed vans will visit LA City pocket/neighborhood parks and our 60 Alternative Learning Centers that do not provide any recreational programs. These vans will bring a variety of themed activities that allow for social distancing and stable groups such as field hockey, tennis, track & field, volleyball, skate ramps, and back to basics like jump ropes, hopscotch, and chalk art. During this pandemic, schools, playgrounds, and swimming pools have all been closed, and children have been restricted to staying at home with no recreation or sports programs available.

Progress So Far

Since being awarded the LA2050 grant and receiving funds from Goldhirsh Foundation and Annenberg Foundation, RAP has been working with various groups to achieve the vision and goals of this program. With the assistance of the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, RAP's first success has been to be able to purchase two 2020 Ford Transit cargo vans for the Mobile Recreation Program. The vans are currently with experts designing the interior of the vans to house the numerous concepts needed for the Mobile Recreation Program. RAP is also in dialogue with graphics experts to design artwork for the exterior of the vans. Simultaneously, RAP is in the midst of the City's administrative process to take full ownership of the vans for the dedicated purpose of utilizing them for a Mobile Recreation Program.

Next Steps

Once the vans are ready to mobilize, qualified skilled staff will drive them to various neighborhoods to provide activities such as badminton, judo, soccer, wheelchair basketball or tennis, and skateboarding to echo the spirit of the Olympic games. RAP staff will introduce youth to traditional and non-traditional Olympic and Paralympic Sports, as well as back to basic games.

The next steps toward implementing the Mobile Recreation Program are to secure all the necessary City approvals to take full possession of the vans and to complete the exterior artwork. RAP will determine the types and amount of play and sports equipment that is needed to fill these vans and then will move forward in making those purchases.

As the vans near completion, RAP will conduct outreach to the community by working with our public relations team and the parks, to market the opportunity to participate in mobile play.

PTN's ​Early Childhood Education Leaps into E-Learning

Posted February 13, 2021 by Pediatric Therapy Network

With recent world events, a lot of family dynamics, structure, normalcy, developmental progression has taken a huge hit. Families everywhere have felt it. The Special Needs Community have felt it the most. Our kiddos thrive and rely on daily schedules, therapy, and extracurricular activities. For many families, it has been terribly challenging to homeschool, while trying to work from home, and trying to provide therapy to our kids. We are not therapists. I was hesitant about Telehealth. I thought, there is no way this is going to work. Last week, we had our first session, and it's actually pretty awesome! Far from ideal to have group online, but there were so many great takeaways…Telehealth + PTN's YouTube Channel = Amazing!"

Program Progress

Since the beginning of the Safer at Home order, PTN has come to recognize and value the power of flexibility and adaptability in profound ways. We see this not only through the lens of the children with special needs we serve who are consistently working to improve their flexibility, both literally and figuratively, while constantly adapting to a world that wasn't built for them, but also through the lens of our organizational operations. We were called upon to stretch the limits of what we thought possible in terms of our service delivery and capacity; to expand the depth of our service into the homes of our clients; and to adapt the scope of our work to engage and support parents and caregivers as they become their child's in-home educator and therapist. This is all to ensure that children with and at-risk for developmental delays and disabilities continue to have access to the critical early development and educational services they need to make LA County the best place to LEARN.

As a partner with the Goldhirsh Foundation's LA2050 initiative, PTN is incredibly proud of the ingenuity and creativity that our staff demonstrated to ensure that young children and families continue to have access to the support they need to reach their developmental milestones and early education goals. In alignment with the Safer at Home Order, PTN suspended in-person services in March and while we were able to resume onsite programming at a limited capacity and with additional safety protocols, PTN's Best We Can Be Zero to Three early childhood education team worked hard to develop an extensive catalog of relevant on-line content to support all our early learners, whether at home or in the clinic. PTN's YouTube Channel includes a thoughtfully curated series of videos produced by our Leaps & Bounds Early Intervention staff featuring sing-along songs utilized in the program available on our “Circle Time with Leaps and Bounds" playlist; and a series of videos that utilize common household items such as painter's tape, pillows, step stools, towels and sheets to promote gross motor skill development, physical activity and movement available on our “At-Home Activities for Children," playlist for free for the general public. To date, these playlists have more than 65 videos and nearly 95,000 views!

This innovative approach and quick adaptation of our services was a tremendous benefit to the children and families we serve, and has garnered PTN local and regional recognition. Both NBC7 and Spectrum News 1 highlighted PTN's programming on the evening news.

Since July, PTN has served 252 children ages 18-36 months through its Leaps & Bounds Early Intervention program via tele-intervention and in-person services, 31 children ages 12-36 months with or suspected to have autism enrolled in our Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) program, and 24 infants and children in our Early Head Start (EHS) program. We are on track to meet, if not exceed, our targets in terms of children served, despite a myriad of challenges presented by the current public health crisis. Thus far, program participants continue to demonstrate positive improvements in development across all domains (cognitive, physical, language, and social/emotional). In addition, we provided support services to approximately 300 parents of children enrolled in each of these programs and hosted 13 virtual Parent Support and Education workshops, socials, and orientations in English and Spanish for parents and caregivers. PTN also hosted 13 drive up events offering families critical supplies like diapers and craft kits. One parent recently shared the following:

“The Parent Socials have brought so much joy and have given me an outlet to voice my joys and concerns. It is so nice to just be understood and validated. To hear other parents' stories and hear that I'm not alone in my struggles is like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to these socials every month."

What's Next

PTN is deeply concerned about the long-term implications this pandemic will have on the developmental trajectory of vulnerable and medically fragile children in our community as the pandemic has only exacerbated health, economic and educational disparities for vulnerable populations. Sadly, studies show that Southern California residents have delayed health-related services such as those offered at PTN and routine wellness visits (where early signs of developmental delays are often first identified) not only because of concerns about exposure to COVID-19, but also due to cost, accessibility, and access. As we emerge from this crisis, we anticipate needing to increase the depth of therapeutic and support services provided to help children recover from developmental setbacks that have taken place during this prolonged disruption in care, and those that are just beginning to seek services.

While there remains much uncertainty about the future in regard to how best to safely resume in-person services, long-term social distancing mandates, and additional impacts of the COVID-19 virus, PTN is clear in its commitment to ensuring that all children and families in need have access to high-quality early intervention and education programs, whether they be virtual or onsite. PTN looks forward to continuing to deliver programs that help young children LEARN.

To learn more about PTN's virtual and in-person programming and ways you can support our organization, please visit us online.

Lost Angels Children's Project Launches Good Life Manufacturing

Posted February 13, 2021 by Lost Angels Children's Project

The Lost Angels Children's Project (LACP) is a nonprofit serving youth in Lancaster facing homelessness and poverty. Since 2014, LACP has offered after school programming to high school students in Lancaster in classic car restoration and industrial arts.

LACP is best known for its annual classic car sweepstakes at the Ventura Nationals when the organization gives away a classic automobile restored by the kids in the afterschool program.

LACP is best known for its annual classic car sweepstakes at the Ventura Nationals

In 2018, LACP opened a silk screen print shop social enterprise to employ youth to make t-shirts and merchandise and promote its in-house brands as well as complete custom t-shirt and apparel orders for outside customers


With its background in classic cars, vocational training and social enterprise, LACP was perfectly situated to enter the field of workforce development for the Antelope Valley.

Good Life Manufacturing Vocational Training Social Enterprise

In 2020, LACP partnered with the City of Lancaster, Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and America's Job Center (AJCC) to create the Good Life Manufacturing Vocational Training Social Enterprise. The program offers paid vocational training and job experience in Industrial Arts and Manufacturing to transition-age youth (18-25 years old) in Lancaster facing poverty and unemployment.

The program features hands-on training in welding, reading and drafting blueprints, fabrication, power and hand tool use, auto body repair and customization, auto paint & prep, engine assembly/disassembly, automotive electrical, forklift certification, and composites. Youth acquire entry-level aptitude using welding equipment, plasma cutters, drills, drill presses, cold saws, chop saws, grinders, sanders, compressors, air tools, impact guns, brakes, stomp shears, spray paint, and much more. Youth receive six weeks of intensive training and then six weeks of paid job experience building custom furniture and working on cars for actual customers.

Participants also receive soft-skills training and wrap-around supportive services to ensure they are “work ready" and can keep a job once they are hired. Soft skills training includes LACOE's award-winning “Bring Your 'A' Game to Work" instructional course, mock interviews, resume building and other exercises designed to ensure that students understand what to expect, and what will be expected of them, as they enter the workforce.

Supportive services and individualized case management ensure that each student is able to overcome any barriers to employment. Focus areas include GED/Diploma, Driver License and instruction, public benefits assistance, housing, criminal record expungement, child care, reliable transportation, vehicle insurance, health/medical care, and financial and credit counseling and assistance.

Our Progress with Cohort Graduations

First Cohort

The first training cohort of 11 students graduated at the end of July 2020, with a 91% hire rate (10 out of 11 students). We overcame numerous difficulties including a shutdown of our program for several months due to the pandemic. We instituted numerous safety protocols including daily temperature and self-check screenings, personal protective gear (masks and gloves), sanitizing stations, regular deep facility cleanings, social distancing, COVID Rapid Testing and tracing, and other measures.

Second Cohort

Our second training cohort began in October 2020. We added automotive repair and customization, body work and paint, engine assembly, electrical and composites training to the program. Ten students graduate on January 13, 2021, and will begin their job search armed with strong resumes that feature highly transferable skill sets. We are very hopeful for their prospects, and one has already received an offer of employment with Northrop Grumman.

Third Cohort Planning and Preparation

We are conducting outreach to local employers to build and leverage relationships that will strengthen and improve our workforce development efforts. We anticipate increased success in 2021 as we begin the 3rd training cohort on March 1, 2021.

COVID Relief Efforts

During the pandemic and shutdown of our after school and vocational training programs, LACP shifted to offer essential supplies and food to local communities that were experiencing food insecurity, unemployment and severe economic hardship. By partnering with local restaurants and Operation BBQ Relief, LACP was able to deliver over 15,000 meals to hundreds of local families. Our students learned the meaning of community engagement and experienced the joy of giving back to our community during our Winter Food/Toy Drive.

First Cohort graduates

Nobody wants to miss forklift training day! Certification adds a highly valued skill to graduates' resumes. Program staff subject trainees to real-life work situations that put trainees' noses to the grindstone, and offer constant opportunities for self-improvement and growth.

Custom furniture made from wood and metal. The First Cohort completed an order of customized furniture including shelving and tables for the City of Lancaster's new Community Center.

Project cars worked on by the Second Cohort. A Mustang and a Chevy.

Individual Stories

Biggest Barrier: A Car & Driver License

One of the biggest barriers faced by participants has been the lack of a car and valid driver's license. The first requirement for any type of employment is showing up. Program graduate and vehicle recipient John W. was hired by Temco Logistics immediately once he had reliable transportation and was able to drive to the interview and then continue driving to work. After working with Temco for a couple of months, John was hired by Northrop Grumman. Good Life Mfg. donated vehicles to two of its graduates, and repaired the vehicle of a third graduate, who also received driver training instruction and obtained his driver's licenses.


Isaias came to Good Life Mfg. through L.A. County's GROW program. He previously had experience working as a Plumber's helper and knew he wanted to expand his skills as a welder and fabricator.

During the training program, Isaias worked at Stater Bros. as a grocery clerk, and still managed to get all of his apprenticeship and paid work days at Good Life Mfg. Isaias' hard work paid off when he received an offer of employment from Northrop Grumman, which he accepted. Nothing can hold this guy back!


Vanessa became one of our most skilled apprentices and graduated at the top of her class. She is still working to complete her GED, and is now working full time as a forklift driver at Floor & Décor in Los Angeles. Program Director Aaron Valencia was proud to hand her a well-earned Completion Certificate, and we are all excited about her future!


Ashley A. and Robert C. are enrolled in our current (second) vocational training cohort. Both graduated from Mojave High School. When Robert saw the Instagram post about the Good Life Mfg. vocational training program, he knew his friend would be interested. Ashley grew up around her father's business, The Mojave Desert Auto Repair, and loves working with her hands. She was accepted into the Electrical Engineering program at Cal State University Bakersfield in 2019. When the pandemic hit and all of her classes became zoom classes, she knew she wanted some more hands on training and called us to inquire about the program. Well as soon as we heard what she was all about, we knew we had to get her here. She is top of the class, is still attending her electrical engineering classes AND even has a part time job. Her dream job is to work for Northrup (spoiler alert: Northrup has hired several of our graduates in the past, and loves our program).

We feel very fortunate to be working with this dynamic duo from Mojave and the rest of our exceptional cohort!

​Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Las Fotos Project creating youth entrepreneurial opportunities during pandemic times

Posted February 13, 2021 by Las Fotos Project

All of us at Las Fotos Project cannot believe that the My LA2050 grants challenge happened six months ago because we remain in awe of the support our youth-powered Foto Studio received from all of you! Las Fotos Project is proud to work alongside the Goldhirsh Foundation's LA2050 initiative to CREATE a Los Angeles that fosters art and entrepreneurship.

According to the Otis Report on the Creative Economy, Los Angeles is already home to the largest population of working artists and 13% of LA County residents are employed in the creative economy. While the availability of workforce development programs for traditional trades have become widely available in communities of color, most do not include the creative arts as part of their curriculum. So in 2017, Las Fotos Project launched our Creative Entrepreneurship Opportunities (CEO) program to prepare students for this ever-growing economy. CEO is an innovative model for building career pathways in the creative economy for teen girls through photography instruction, mentorship, business experience, and creative freedom. Through weekly photography training and paid on-the-job experiences, the CEO program equips our students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to think critically, explore creative careers, and become self-sufficient. We believe that preparing our youth of color for creative careers is critical not only for our region's growth, but more importantly for our youth to generate their own jobs and wealth.

Program Progress and Challenges

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has paused the grand opening of our physical location for The Foto Studio; however, the inability to work in a professional studio has not stopped us from creating and moving forward. Since Las Fotos Project was awarded the grant in July, we launched our remote product photography services, and we are extremely proud of our CEO students' resourcefulness and innovative spirit displayed through the work they created from the safety of their homes or through physically distant, outdoor photo shoots. Our CEOs created images for Girlfriend Collective's website and Forever 21's Digital Lookbook. They also documented micro-business owners supported by past My LA2050 awardee Inclusive Action for the City and created social media content for Lander Skateboards, a brand-new skateboard company in LA! You can view all of our recent product photography projects here.

Xochitl Cruz for Lander Skateboard / Romina Estrada for Girlfriend Collective

In addition to our CEO students completing product photography jobs and building their income, we made progress toward our goal of supporting women owned small businesses through mutual aid. In Fall 2020, we trained a cohort of 19 CEO students, as part of their training, we partnered with woman-owned businesses: Vive Cosmetics, Pam + Mo, and Mixtina. These businesses provided products to each student in our CEO Clients class, the owners participated in class sessions giving students an opportunity to network, learning how to work with clients and how to meet clients' needs while still executing their own creative visions. In exchange, our students provided each of these businesses with unique product photography images to use on their website and social media in order to boost their online sales. You can view all our CEO's portfolios here!

Xitlali Martinez for Pam + Mo / Adria Marin for Vive Cosmetics

Our CEO student Maria Romero has been a tremendous leader as we launched our product photography services. During these last few months, she not only graduated high school and started college, she has trained in the CEO program, worked with our first few product photography clients, and even started her own film developing business!

Maria's Perspective:

Las Fotos Project has taught me to be outspoken and proud of being a woman photographer of color. The Creative Entrepreneurship Opportunities program has given me the liberty of learning how to make my passion into a business that can eventually become a job that will sustain me. The CEO program has also provided paid job opportunities, which have helped further my personal discovery of different types of photography. Through these experiences, I learned what I love as well as what I do not really enjoy in the field of photography. Personally, I am excited to see the Foto Studio running because it will give girls in Las Fotos Project the opportunity to be more hands-on while learning about photography.

Recently, I started my own business, EVE's FILM, where I develop film for photographers. When I first started shooting with film it was expensive because many photo shops charge more than $15 per roll. Las Fotos Project has taught me that photography should be available for everyone so I learned how to develop my own film and later I started developing film for others with a price range that would not be too expensive for fellow photographers. Currently, I am saving up the income I make from my CEO jobs and EVE's FILM in order to buy a few new camera lenses as well as purchasing additional developing chemicals. You can view my most recent CEO portfolio here.

Image link

In 2019, Maria received The Foto Award in the Self- Expression category. Self-portraiture became a healing process that she hopes others are able to relate to.

Maria Romero for LA Compost Gratitude Party

In 2019, Maria focused on event photography. She was the official photographer for LA Compost.

Maria Romero for Lander Skateboard

In 2020, Maria helped pilot the launch of our remote product photography services. She worked closely with Lander Skateboard to create product and lifestyle images.

Next Steps and Call to Action

Despite Covid-19, we remain excited about the next steps for The Foto Studio. Once it is safe to do so, we look forward to training our students in the studio and accepting clients for photoshoots and e-commerce photography. We still plan to open our doors to local artists and creatives so they can have an affordable and safe studio to create their work. All of this together will help complete our vision of being an incubator and accelerator for creatives in LA. However in the meantime, we invite you to support Las Fotos Project by hiring our CEO students as your product photographers or by purchasing a print in The Foto Shop. We also invite you to spread the word about our CEO program to women-owned businesses who might be interested in our mutual aid efforts. If you are interested in hiring our students or partnering together on a project, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Dodgers Foundation Dreams Big at Gonzales Park

Posted February 13, 2021 by Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

As we welcome the new year, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) also reflects on our work to make Los Angeles the best place to PLAY!

While dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) adapted our programming and project timelines throughout 2020 to better respond to the communities our families call home. Through our COVID- 19 relief efforts, virtual programming and social justice initiatives, we have provided nearly 500,000 meals and more than $2.2 million worth of food, water, hygiene necessities, educational items and Dodger products to the most vulnerable Angelenos during this time of economic insecurity. In addition, LADF has supported more than 106 local nonprofits and social justice organizations working to address racial inequality and alleviate COVID-19 impact. As we supported Los Angeles' most underserved communities, we also doubled down on our commitment to complete the three Dodgers Dreamfields and Fitness and Training Zones associated with the LA2050 grant.

Project Activities

The project supported by the LA2050 grant includes building three Dodgers Dreamfields and Fitness and Training Zones at Gonzales Park in an effort to restore Gonzales Park to its prior baseball glory and promote a positive environment for youth of all ages to play baseball and softball. Alongside Kershaw's Challenge and the City of Compton as lead partners, these Dodgers Dreamfields are the first set of fields to feature energy-efficient capabilities and solar components, as well as be the first to infuse elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through LADF's Science of Baseball curriculum.

We believe that Dodgers Dreamfields are game-changers, and now more than ever, revitalized green spaces help revitalize communities, boosting the safety of local parks and providing a place where neighbors can gather, exercise and play. Together, LA2050 and the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation make Los Angeles the best place to PLAY by creating a lasting impact for the City of Compton through these Dodgers Dreamfields.

Challenges and Obstacles

In February 2020, we hosted a community groundbreaking alongside Compton Mayor Aja Brown, Dodger Pitcher Clayton Kershaw, actor Anthony Anderson, and community members, partners, and local high school youth who will benefit from the new park. After the community groundbreaking event, construction was quickly underway before it was abruptly halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a significant delay in the project. Due to COVID-19, we needed to put a hold on construction to conduct an appropriate evaluation of our options. We wanted to be mindful of the level of involvement of LADF staff and partners as the project started, to ensure the safety of our team and collaborators and to move forward in a responsible and productive manner.

In the months that followed, we took the time to connect with all parties involved, including our committed project sponsors, about their continued support of Gonzales Park. We value their partnership and appreciate that they have re-assured their commitment to our project during such an uncertain time. With such a transformative project, we have also added new sponsors along the way.

The current list of partners includes:

  • Kershaw's Challenge
  • City of Compton
  • The Annenberg Foundation
  • San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
  • Security Benefit
  • LA84 Foundation
  • The Leon Lowenstein Foundation
  • Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
  • The Water Buffalo Club
  • MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation
  • LA2050/Goldhirsh Foundation
  • Science of Sport
  • Southern California Edison
  • FivePoint

Progress and Next Steps

After having to put a pause on construction, we are happy and excited to announce that the construction of the three Dodgers Dreamfields at Gonzales Park resumed in October 2020!

Construction crews started reconstruction with the tilling of the turf, surface grading and soil preparation of the field. This included the demolition of the fields and the entire backfield space, in addition to some concrete demolition and removal from the field site. This demolition was critical, as it ensures the Dodgers Dreamfields can be centered and repositioned in a way that better supports local youth as they grow and develop their skills throughout the years, from T-ball to high school and college athletics. In addition to demolition, construction crews started to upgrade the irrigation system of the park, which required the installation of new irrigation and drainage piping throughout the field site.

A picture containing sky, outdoor, grass, ground Description automatically generated A person digging a hole in the ground Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Construction crew preparing the field for construction

A picture containing sky, ground, outdoor, dirt Description automatically generated

Continued development of the Dodgers Dreamfields

Most recently, final grading took place in preparation for continued work on field development of the three Dodgers Dreamfields, which includes the setting of concrete for park walkways, installation of sod and infield mix, installation of field fencing, construction of bullpen and Grandstand, and installation of lights in the back field.

Despite the unexpected delay associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently on target to complete this project by spring 2021, culminating with the celebration of Jackie Robinson Day. Final touches of the Dodgers Dreamfields, which will include application of the Science of Baseball signage and installation of solar scoreboards, will be completed immediately prior to the unveiling event, which is tentatively scheduled for April 15, 2021.

Stay Informed

As a member of the Los Angeles community, we encourage you to stay informed on our progress by following us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. When it's safe to gather again, we look forward to celebrating with you in person as we unveil our three Dodgers Dreamfields and create new community spaces for youth and families to PLAY at Gonzales Park.

To learn more about the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, please visit

$1M My LA2050 Grants Challenge Launches

Posted February 12, 2021 by Team LA2050

$1M My LA2050 Grants Challenge Launches

Goldhirsh Foundation's LA2050 Initiative Makes Open Call for 25 Impactful Ideas

LOS ANGELES, February 11 – The Goldhirsh Foundation last week announced online the launch of the 2021 My LA2050 Grants Challenge.

The grants challenge is an annual open call from the foundation's LA2050 initiative for ideas to make Los Angeles County the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. Applications are welcome through April 2 from non-profits, for-profits, and government agencies.

A total of $1,000,000 will be awarded to 25 organizations — five per category — to implement their ideas, turning inspiration and effort into impact and equity. Those 25 are selected by evaluators from Social Venture Partners Los Angeles (SVP), using LA2050's transparent list of 68 metrics. Then, the general public votes online to decide the grant amount each winner receives, in various increments ranging between $10,000 to $100,000. Last year, more than 105,000 votes were cast.

“The My LA2050 Grants Challenge has never felt as pressing as now," said Tara Roth, President of the Goldhirsh Foundation. “There are enormous needs in so many communities, as well as such a reservoir of creativity and innovation. The My LA2050 Grants Challenge sets out to connect those two."

The My LA2050 Grants Challenge is a collaborative effort. In addition to the $1 million in funding from the Goldhirsh Foundation, additional support this year comes from the Annenberg Foundation, providing $50,000 in grant funds to support efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion; and from the Snap Foundation, supporting projects that develop pathways to the creative economy for underrepresented youth in Los Angeles.

The My LA2050 Grants Challenge began in 2013, and this is the eighth time in nine years it has taken place. Through 2020, more than $17 million has been granted thanks to My LA2050: $7 million from the Goldhirsh Foundation, $3.5 million from funding partners, and $6.5 inspired by the grants challenge.

For more information on the grants challenge, prospective applicants and the public are invited to visit the website,, which is built around the slogan “Together for a brighter future." The website includes FAQs, application forms, and a timeline with key dates. Some of those key dates include:

  • April 2: My LA2050 Grants Challenge application period closes.
  • April 12: Evaluation period begins.
  • May 28: Five finalists in each category announced.
  • June 21-28: Online public voting takes place.
  • July 1: Awards announced.

Prospective applicants seeking additional information may sign up here for virtual information sessions. To look at past applications, visit the comprehensive My LA2050 Ideas Archive: That user-friendly database contains more than 1,500 proposals and is available for anyone to search, view, and make donations to non-profits. Also, a complete list of past grants challenge winners is available here.


LA2050 ( is an initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles. We are centered around five unique goals that in 2050 Los Angeles will be the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. Connect with @LA2050 on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and sign up here to receive our newsletter, which includes social impact job listings and events.


At the Goldhirsh Foundation, (, we connect the dots between the best emerging innovations and the financial, social, and human capital to make them thrive.


For media inquires, please contact Jeremy Rosenberg, [email protected]


Goldhirsh Foundation and its LA2050 Initiative Add Talented Fellows To Team

Posted January 17, 2021 by Team LA2050

Goldhirsh Foundation and its LA2050 Initiative Add Talented Fellows To Team

Nida Ahmed and Mana Koike Begin Roles in Social Innovation, and Design

Mana And Nida  Simple 2 Use

LOS ANGELES -- January 14, 2021

The Goldhirsh Foundation announced today that a pair of talented new Fellows have joined the staff of the innovative and impactful organization. Nida Ahmed is the new Goldhirsh Foundation Social Innovation Fellow, and Mana Koike is the new LA2050 Design Fellow.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new colleagues," Tara Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation, says. “Similarly to how we support emerging talent in our grantmaking and our investing, we apply the same standard to our team. Nida Ahmed and Mana Koike are rising stars in their respective careers, and we like the fresh perspective and energy they bring to bear to the social impact sector."

Ahmed is a public policy professional currently pursuing her Masters in Public Administration at USC with an emphasis on social impact and innovation. Her cross-sectoral background includes working as a management consultant for state and local governments, economic empowerment work at nonprofits, and human rights policy work in the private sector

Ahmed's Goldhirsh Foundation tenure will revolve around completing special research projects, such as developing and assessing economic inclusion metrics, analyzing equity and opportunity indices, undertaking strategic analysis of the Foundation's equity investment portfolio, and understanding social change across Los Angeles.

“The Goldhirsh Foundation has the unique opportunity to take risks and propel the vital work of organizations across regions," Ahmed says. “I am excited to contribute to this work."

Koike, meanwhile, is a 2020 graduate of ArtCenter College of Design, with a background in visual communication design. She currently works with clients such as lululemon and globalhouseofmaryam. This is Koike's second fellowship with LA2050. In 2019, she served as the initiative's Social Innovation Design Fellow, focused on the annual, popular My LA2050 Grants Challenge.

The My LA2050 Grants Challenge is an annual open call for ideas to make LA the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. A total of $1,000,000 is awarded among 25 organizations to implement their proposals. Each organization receives grant funds and partnership from LA2050 to support its efforts. Additional funding and prizes are often awarded by My LA2050 partners. More than 1,500 past proposals from Los Angeles-area non-profits, for-profits, individuals and government agencies are available for anyone to search, view, and make donations at the MyLA2050 Ideas Archive.

This year, Koike will again focus on the graphic design and implementation of the digital campaign for the My LA2050 Grants Challenge. She will help create a cohesive visual brand across the My LA2050 Grants Challenge website, LA2050 social media channels, and newsletter. She will also work on other marketing and communication projects.


LA2050 ( is an initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles. We are centered around five unique goals that in 2050 Los Angeles will be the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live.

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At the Goldhirsh Foundation, (, we connect the dots between the best emerging innovations and the financial, social, and human capital to make them thrive.


LA2050 Grantees Honor MLK Day 2021

Posted January 16, 2021 by Team LA2050

To honor MLK Day 2021, we asked some of our LA2050 grantees to share how their work honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Some highlights from their videos:

  • Union Station Homeless Services honors Dr. King by continuing "to fight for the dignity and justice of those who have been continually disenfranchised."
  • Creative Acts spreads Dr. King's message of equality through granting participants "the freedom to express... to say, to speak, and to live out the dream."
  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) shares how Dr. King "embodied access and inclusion for all mankind" — values that NHMLAC lives by.
  • Los Angeles Audubon Society pays tribute to Dr. King by "continuing to make strides in civil rights... whether social, economic, or environmental."
  • Miry's List talks about the organization's MLK Day plans and quotes from Dr. King's Letter From a Birmingham Jail: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
  • Los Angeles Maritime Institute shares how the organization carries on Dr. King's message of equal opportunity and access for all.
  • And, Jenesse Center says, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left a lasting legacy of community service and non-violence... a legacy that we at the Jenesse Center seek to continue."

Click here to view the full YouTube playlist.

2020 In Review

Posted December 26, 2020 by Team LA2050

As 2020 finally comes to a close, we're reflecting on the hardships, the joys, and everything in between — from COVID-19 devastating our communities and months of staying at home to witnessing our city come together and demand justice for Black lives. And most of all, as we look back, we're reminded how grateful we are for the LA2050 community and for your dedication to our region through it all.

LA2050's Top Five:

1. Amid the challenges, we were grateful to distribute critical knowledge to Angelenos. Launched in March, our COVID-19 Directory features information about available assistance gathered from the LA2050 community. In June, we published a detailed list of resources in the fight for racial justice to guide Angelenos in learning about anti-racism work and taking action.

2. The 2020 My LA2050 Grants Challenge submissions were bright spots in an otherwise harrowing year. The 285 proposals highlighted the incredible work being done on the ground to make LA better for all and resonated with Angelenos, who cast more than 105,000 votes in the selection of our 25 newest My LA2050 grantees.

3. In the absence of in-person gatherings, we were grateful for the opportunity to connect with the LA2050 community online. We've hosted six live stream events, including our "My LA2050 Ideas Showcase" live streams in July and our "COVID-19 and the Digital Divide" webinar in October, and convened virtually with grantees and partners.

4. In recent weeks, we featured opportunities for donating, gifting, and volunteering. Our Giving Tuesday match raised more than $27,000 for 41 nonprofit organizations in just 9.5 hours through the My LA2050 Ideas Archive. We also shared our annual gift guide with 31 socially-conscious and locally-made products and distributed a curated list of holiday volunteer opportunities.

5. True to our roots, we continued to share ways for Angelenos to get involved and make an impact. This year, we featured more than 320 job opportunities on the LA2050 Jobs Board. And, during a time when staying connected took on new meaning, we highlighted more than 550 virtual events and safe volunteer opportunities.

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