The Ojai Foundation

We foster practices that awaken connection to self, others, and the natural world; council - the circle practice of listening and speaking from the heart - is central to all our initiatives.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • CONNECT ·2016 Grants Challenge

    Community Circle Space Initiative: Creating a place and sharing a process for authentic connection

    Community Circle Space Initiative builds circle spaces and trains community elders to facilitate circle dialogs for Southeast LA residents to share stories, address issues, and resolve conflicts.

  • LEARN ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Council in Schools: Building Council Cultures and Spaces at 6 LA Schools

    We are Council in Schools. "Council" is a circle form of dialogue that builds trust, understanding, and awareness, and that fosters engaged, compassionate school communities. We propose to work with teachers, staff, students, and families at six Los Angeles public schools (see below) to implement council and "restorative practices" programs and to collaborate on the design and construction of a dedicated council space at one of those schools.