The Children's Lifesaving Foundation

The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation’s is a 501(c)(3) non-profit,dedicated to restoring hope to underserved children in LA through academic, social and domestic support. These programs highlight and encourage their value as self-sufficient, thriving, active members of our community. We're currently providing direct Emergency Funding during COVID.


6 Submitted Ideas

  • PLAY ·2023 Grants Challenge

    Camp for All: An Innovative Summer Experience for Underserved and Houseless Youth in Los Angeles

    Through the Camp for All Program, we aspire to bridge the opportunity gap by providing houseless and underserved youth living in Los Angeles with equal access to transformative outdoor experiences, education and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the environment. In a beautiful environment at an open nature conservancy, over 500 youth will be able to enjoy these incredibly beneficial activities, which also greatly alleviate anxiety, help overcome social isolation, and additionally-create future stewards of our amazing natural resources.

  • LIVE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Camp for All: A Unique Summer Camp Experience for Underserved and Houseless Youth in Los Angeles

    Camp for All Summer runs in the summer months each year. Over 850 underserved and houseless Hispanic, Latinx and BIPOC youth coming from the lowest-income school districts in LA will participate. We utilize classic camp activities paired with Chumash lessons and storytelling taught by actual native elders, Wilderness Hikes, Live Animal Workshops, special nature arts classes, writing workshops, and Magic lessons! This program allows youth a truly memorable summer camp experience they would otherwise never get to truly experience.

  • PLAY ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Help CLF Bring 1,000 Underserved Youth to Surf & Wilderness Camp!

    Help us send underserved youth to Summer Camp! Since 1993, more than 75,000 children have attended Camp for All, a program which provides crucial outdoor educational and positive social experiences to transitioning homeless and underserved youth from urban and shelter environments. Camp for All is designed to provide positive, educational, enriching, life-affirming outdoor experiences, which highlight care for our natural environment and marine eco-system, and aim to renew the child's sense of play and sense of hope-all in LA's own backyard!

  • LEARN ·2016 Grants Challenge

    Help Us Create and Inspire the Future Tech Leaders of LA!

    Help Us Create the Future Tech Leaders of LA!

  • PLAY ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Camp4All takes homeless families to beautiful LA beaches for surfing recharging & play!

    The CLF's Camp4All Program takes homeless families out of their shelter environment in LA to the natural beauty of LA's beaches-teaching them to surf, allowing them to rest and recharge- and hang out with their families in a beautiful SoCal environment. Camp4All shows that LA loves to play in the most innovative, fun way possible.

  • LEARN ·2014 Grants Challenge

    Coding is Cool Workshop & Initiative!

    Coding is Cool will show that LA students can help make LA the tech capital of the country, while training for the very best jobs out there.