Surf Bus Foundation

Surf Bus empowers people to foster a healing connection with the sea. Through play, we teach ocean safety, wave readiness, science, and surfing. Our methods make the ocean a welcoming place for all.


3 Submitted Ideas

  • PLAY ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Surf Bus at The Shore

    We aim to create four high school surf teams of fifteen students each and offer sustained coaching support from regions of Los Angeles historically blocked from ocean access. Our project begins with an immersive surf camping trip to historic surf spot, San Onofre State Beach, for 60 student athletes. From there, we will host consistent monthly surf practices and twelve overnight weekend trips to The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica to get “contest participation ready” for the Ohana Nalu Surf Series, a group of six contests during the school year.

  • PLAY ·2018 Grants Challenge

    Surf Bus and partners present: Splash Force LA, a comprehensive guide to beach access and ocean play

    Splash Force: The quantum effect of exposure to one droplet of surf stoke, rippling through and transforming LA,s legacy of lack of access to swimming pools, ocean play/sports, and ocean education.

  • PLAY ·2016 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Winner

    Theraputic Ocean Engagement: Surfing (T.O.E.S. as in, on the nose!)

    Therapeutic Ocean Engagement: Surfing (T.O.E.S)