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Stepping Forward LA

Stepping Forward LA empowers foster youth aging out of the system to transition successfully to adulthood and reach their fullest potential.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2023 Grants Challenge

    Paid internships and housing for former foster youth

    Since 2017, we've provided paid internships to 239 former foster youth. Every year, interns work on projects central to our mission, allowing us to deliver programs by and for foster youth. We're now leveraging our proven internship model to address one of their biggest obstacles: housing. With a strong network of housing partners and a specialized curriculum, we'll help youth secure stable housing and gain independent living skills as they exit foster care, while sharing what they learn through our mobile app to benefit thousands more youth.

  • LEARN ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Our new app helps youth in foster care design exciting futures with a supportive community

    At Stepping Forward LA (SFLA), we empower youth in foster care by leveraging the expertise of individuals who have been through the system. Last year, our community of former foster youth developed an interactive mobile app to help youth build skills, access resources, and get support as they enter adulthood. Over the next year, we will guide 400 current and former foster youth through our app to gain stability and a foundation to thrive. We will also create 24 internships that pay former foster youth to continue improving the app.