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Southern California Family Mediation

We are giving peace a "fighting chance" for kids, families, and communities of LA. Free mediations for families at all LA County Children’s & Dependency Courts finally break the intergenerational cycles of family conflict and recidivism. Up to 94% of our underfunded & underserved parents become the heroes of their own stories for their children.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2024 Grants Challenge

    Co-mmunication Systems Keep Kids Out of Court

    The Co-mmunication perspective has proven to achieve social objectives more efficiently. The Co-mmunication tool kit will be refined, packaged and made available for Los Angeles community organizers, social programs and municipal service providers, if we achieve the resources. Through the innovative creation of this teachable, learnable system, in 2023 the SCFM team documented 90% Success Rates, disrupting the primary path into foster care of 454 out of 504 of the children of the most underfunded and underserved families of Los Angeles.

  • LEARN ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Children's Court is no place for kids.

    Giving peace a chance for thousands of children, families, and communities of LA, proven since 2014. Our highly skilled volunteers provide free mediations for underfunded and underserved families caught-up in the massive LA Children’s Court system. Day-long “agreement creation workshops” designed for the highest-conflict situations teach parents how to negotiate together safely, and how to create their own Parenting Plan Agreements.