LA2050 Grants Challenge applications are open now through June 28th, 2024.

Southern California College Access Network

SoCal CAN is a network of 85 organizations working together to increase the rate at which low-income students access and complete college. We provide direct support to 150,000 students and families in Los Angeles County.


3 Submitted Ideas

  • CREATE ·2023 Grants Challenge

    LA's College Comeback: Tackling Income Inequality

    A person who graduates from college earns, over the course of their lifetime, $1 million more than a high school graduate. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, up to 40% of Black and Latinx students in LA community colleges were forced to pause their college plans due to economic factors beyond their control. Our program will help 400 students come back to college and ensure success in closing the economic inequality gap; in other words, a $75,000 grant from LA2050 could result in a $400 million return on investment.

  • LEARN ·2020 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Winner

    Project SOAR: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education

    Project SOAR turns the college and career dreams of students living in public housing into reality. This grant will place three counselors on five public housing sites in East and South Los Angeles to provide one-on-one college advising to 1100 students and families. Because college graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates over the course of a lifetime, this is the equivalent of an $1.1 billion social return on investment!

  • LEARN ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Level Up: Students Organizations and Colleges Working Together For College Success!

    Students, community-based organizations, and colleges all are working toward the same goal: students graduating from college. Since their goals are aligned, these groups should not work outside of each other; instead, SoCal CAN proposes the coordination of these entities to ensure effective and efficient supports are available for all students.