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Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs

The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance (NCSA) advances sustainability and resilience across Los Angeles through advocacy, sharing of best practices, and community action.

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2 Submitted Ideas

  • LIVE ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Bringing LA's Green New Deal to Our Neighborhoods

    With COVID-19, growing awareness of the role that the environment plays in pandemics, and more appreciation for the role of government and the importance of community, we have an opportunity to leverage this moment and help LA work toward sustainability. We will conduct outreach throughout the neighborhood council (NC) system, educating people about the parallels between this crisis and the climate crisis, and provide NCs with the tools to identify and implement the changes we can and must make in order to be more resilient and sustainable.

  • LIVE ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Veterans Gardens LA

    What if homeless veterans were the solution, not the problem? What if we helped the most capable homeless veterans become leaders with a mission to leave no one else behind, in exchange for accelerating their ability to earn, to save, and to purchase a home. Like a homelessness peace corps.