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Sloane Stephens Foundation

The Sloane Stephens Foundation empowers children around the world to dream big and achieve on and off the court. Our vision is to help shape constructive futures for underprivileged youth by providing a safe space to cultivate the next generation of Los Angeles tennis players.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • LIVE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    LA Facilities Management College Pathway Program

    SSF is creating a pipeline of academic and occupational programming to facilitate the bridge between students seeing sports as a hobby and physical outlet and seeing sports as an incredible career pathway outside of becoming a professional athlete. This pathway begins in middle school, with a Coaching and Officiating Certification Program, continues in high school with a Facilities Management College Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathway Course, and continues into a facilities management degree program at Compton College.

  • PLAY ·2021 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Winner

    Love, Love, Compton - Sloane Stephens Foundation

    US Open Champion Sloane Stephens launched Love, Love Compton in 2015 to combat social, economic, and academic inequalities in Compton by creating educational opportunities and safe spaces to play and grow. SSF’s tennis programming is designed to positively impact the lives of our students far beyond the tennis court. SSF believes in the transformative power of healthy habits, self-confidence, and education, and uses tennis as our vehicle to change the narrative of poverty, health inequity, and educational underdevelopment in Compton.

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