Saving the West Foundation

Saving the West Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that works to improve the lives of young people in urban and rural communities. STWF highlights the importance of academic excellence and environmental sustainability. Our work is dedicated to solving issues of inequality for folks who live in populated areas and those who live and work on the land.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2021 Grants Challenge

    STWF - ED Center

    A grant from LA 2050 will allow the STWF Ed Center to directly combat food deserts in South LA. 1) Secure a local undeveloped plot of land, (city-owned) to initiate the STWF Organic Urban Farm 2) Expand Young Gardener’s program to tend the urban farm. 3), Develop a Young Food Entrepreneurship program teaching the business of food. 4) Market produce and fruit from the urban farm at local farmer's markets. Over time, this program creates a recurring revenue source for the self-sufficiency of all programming.

  • LEARN ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Green Thumb Classes!

    STWF's newest project is creating a series of courses that allow members of our community, of all ages, to learn to grow their own produce and plants that are native to Los Angeles. Nutritious and organic food is a right. By bringing people together to understand plants, each class will take place in some of LA's most underutilized spaces; parks, yards and community gardens. With our blend of academic and hands-on knowledge, our Green Thumb classes will inform, empower and build a stronger society.