Safe Parking LA

Safe Parking LA (SPLA), supports people who are homeless and living in their vehicles by providing them with a safe place to park at night and connecting them with the supportive services and community programs they need to thrive.


3 Submitted Ideas

  • LIVE ·2024 Grants Challenge

    Neighbors for Home 2.0

    Safe Parking LA is excited to relaunch our Neighbors for Home Initiative as Neighbors for Home 2.0, following a disruption by the pandemic in 2020. This revitalized grassroots community engagement program will engage local residents, neighborhood councils, and community groups to address vehicular homelessness through volunteer opportunities, supportive services, and community building. Together, we aim to foster positive interactions, tap into collective resources, and ultimately help our unhoused neighbors find their way back home.

  • LIVE ·2023 Grants Challenge

    Living Wage for Workers

    With the support of the LA2050 community, our initiative aims to strengthen our organization's capacity to better serve the LA community by providing livable wages for our frontline workers who are primarily BIPOC folks, some with lived experience. By investing in fair compensation, we will empower our essential staff to continue delivering quality care to the participants in our safe parking program to end homelessness, while also contributing to the movement to create a more sustainable and equitable homelessness response sector.

  • LIVE ·2020 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Winner

    Neighbors for Home

    Safe Parking LA seeks support for Neighbors for Home, a grassroots community engagement initiative that mobilizes local residents to act around the problem of vehicular homelessness in their own neighborhoods. In partnership with LA’s Neighborhood Councils, lot partners, and other local groups, SPaLA will activate a series of volunteer opportunities to support organizational capacity, promote positive interactions with people who live in their vehicles, and build change-making communities dedicated to solving the problem of homelessness.