Red Hen Press

Red Hen Press seeks to discover and publish works of literary excellence, support diversity in a creative industry, promote literacy in our local schools, and serve as a hub for literary events and enrichment. We are a community of readers and writers who are actively engaged in the essential human practice known as literature.

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6 Submitted Ideas

  • CREATE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    We Train Young Creative Industry Professionals

    Red Hen Press has successfully trained and mentored interns who have gone on to to have successful careers in publishing, media, graphic design, and communications. Help us expand our paid internship program so that we can continue to produce young professionals who are ready for jobs in the dynamic and ever-evolving media landscape.

  • LEARN ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Writing in the Schools (WITS) and WITS Headquarters (WITS HQ)

    In WITS, published poets visit LA Title I schools and teach students the art of writing poetry. At the end of the school year, one poem from each student is printed in a professionally bound anthology, theirs to keep at no charge. WITS will enable 600 young students to channel their inner Amanda Gorman and come to an after-school program at Red Hen Press’s workshop space (WITS HQ) to study, unwind, and learn about writing, books, and the publishing industry in academic year 2022–2023.

  • CREATE ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Get LA Lit: Honoring Our Cultures Through Publishing

    Red Hen Press is dedicated to bringing fresh stories to the world by publishing 26 works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction each year that continuously bring relevant literary jobs and internships to Greater Los Angeles. Our award series and free to low-cost events will spotlight emerging authors either in print or on a stage. We will also expand our work providing free creative writing workshops to underserved Los Angeles youth, offering more classes to a greater number of students than before, and publishing their work as one of our 26 books.

  • CREATE ·2019 Grants Challenge

    Get Lit with Red Hen Press: Support LA Publishing

    Red Hen Press will provide opportunities for minority populations to establish their place in the American literary canon by publishing works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. The press will also organize several free or low-cost literary events, award prizes to excellent emerging authors, and provide free creative writing workshops and books to low-income youth in Los Angeles.

  • PLAY ·2018 Grants Challenge

    Red Hen Press Community Center for the Arts

    Help Red Hen Press transform its new home into an arts center for our LA community, featuring groundbreaking performances, master class writing workshops, and free arts education for local youth!

  • CREATE ·2016 Grants Challenge

    Get Lit with Red Hen Press: Bringing Fresh Voices to the LA Literary Scene

    Red Hen Press will advocate for literary diversity by publishing 26 works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, creating opportunities for unheard voices to establish their place in American literature.