PowerMyLearning advances educational equity by activating the power of collaboration between teachers, students, and families.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Learning Together: Los Angeles Families Engage in STEM

    PowerMyLearning’s programs and services provide access, opportunity and innovation to youth at critical engagement stages by exposing them to interactive STEM programs that they can engage in with their families.

  • LEARN ·2015 Grants Challenge

    PowerMyLearning Los Angeles Program

    Imagine a world where students have the tools to achieve their dreams. Imagine a world where teachers can personalize their instruction to each student. Imagine families empowered to become stronger learning partners for their children. Imagine this is true for everyone, regardless of income.That’s the world PowerMyLearning is creating in Los Angeles. We provide training & digital tools to low-income students, families & teachers to help students do better in school & achieve lifelong success