Pasadena Arts Alliance

AxS Festivals have examined the interplay of art and science since The Universe” (2001), which contemplated man’s place in the cosmos; “The Tender Land” (2004) meditated on the fragile complexity of the natural world; “Skin” (2007) investigated culture, race and biology; “Origins” (2009), celebrating the bicentennial of Darwin's birth, explored the origins of creativity and questions of evolution, faith and the universe; and “Fire and Water” (2011) explored the epic natural forces that have shaped human history and the landscape of this region. In 2010, Pasadena Arts Alliance began conversations local leaders on the legacy and potential of Southern California’s arts and science assets — assets, it was agreed, that distinguish the area in a unique way on a national basis and provide a framework for thinking about future economic and cultural development. These conversations led to the notion of a “vision summit,” gathering together community leaders for an extended version of this conversation. Later that year, a number of institutional and corporate leaders were invited to explore ideas for tapping the full potential of the unique fabric of arts and science. It was proposed that these intellectual and institutional assets define the region as a place where ideas and creativity abound, and that they reflect an unharnessed regional and national identity that can leverage the local economy, its cultural tourism, and its citizens’ sense of pride and belonging. Pasadena Arts Alliance is also very proud of its EMERGE fiscal sponsorship program. This cultural entrepreneurship program currently incubates 60 individual projects and emerging organizations, offering them the ability to seek funding through fiscal sponsorship, and supporting participants during a crucial stage. It provides an opportunity to develop a project and determine its trajectory with the guidance and oversight of an established nonprofit.  EMERGE supports artists who are launching new endeavors, those who are in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) determination, and also projects and programs that prefer to remain fiscally sponsored, making use of PAC’s nonprofit infrastructure to support their ongoing efforts. In FY 2013, PAC helped these projects raise over $800,000 and serve over 43,000 people, including 12,000 young people, through after-school art and music programs, theater, dance and music performances, visual art exhibitions, public art commissions, literary and cultural festivals, photography and film projects and many other diverse, artist-driven projects throughout Southern California. Pasadena Arts Alliance is the oldest arts service organization in California, established in 1964. In 2014 we will celebrate our 50th anniversary, which we think is a pretty good achievement in itself.


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