Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services

Optimist's mission is to provide innovative and individualized treatment, education, and support services to children, young adults, and families to better their lives. Optimist envisions a world where all children, young adults, and families have the opportunity to receive the care and support they need to succeed.

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  • LIVE ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Mental Health Services for High-Risk Foster, Probation, and Homeless Youth

    For nearly 115 years Optimist has served one of the most vulnerable populations in Los Angeles – probation, foster, and homeless youth. These high-risk youth have histories of family dysfunction, emotional and mental health problems, substance abuse and behavioral issues. Through individual and family counseling, therapy, and psychiatric care, Optimist’s Mental Health Services work to address the profound effects of trauma, correct problems in family/social relationships, and stabilize families to avoid institutional placements.