OneJustice brings life-changing legal help to those in need by transforming the civil legal aid system. We are all about connections – connecting underserved Californians in need of legal help with those who can provide it to ensure justice for all people living in California.


1 Submitted Idea

  • CONNECT ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Los Angeles Asylum Legal Clinic and Resource Fairs Collaborative

    In 2019, we piloted the Asylum Legal Clinic & Resource Fairs with legal services organizations, pro bono attorneys, students & volunteer social workers. Through this collaboration we’ve served 80+ asylum seekers with Know Your Rights info, legal counsel & connection to critical social services. We aim to expand by providing assistance to a larger number of people & families seeking asylum. By building on the work of our partners & volunteers, we’ll connect more asylum seekers to vital resources to help them navigate and succeed in this country.