Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

As LA County’s designated economic development leadership organization for over 34 years, the LAEDC’s purpose is to improve standards of living for LA County’s residents by growing overall economic prosperity.

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2 Submitted Ideas

  • CONNECT ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Lets Build Bridges Between Communities And Our Dream LA By Celebrating LA County Innovation Broadly

    In the past two years, the LAEDC has created a hotbed of innovation that showcases the best novel technologies and advanced ideas in the LA County. Our aim is to inspire Angelinos and create a more cohesive community through curating innovation events across the region.

  • CREATE ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Implementing LA County’s Strategic Plan for Economic Development: 2016-2020

    LAEDC proposes to leverage its past success in leading collaborative economic development efforts to ramp up the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan’s implementation program around seven aspirational goals: 1. Invest in Human Capital 2. Strengthen Leading Traded Industries 3. Catalyze Innovation Capacities 4. Fix Infrastructure Development, Financing and Delivery Processes 5. Create a More Business Friendly Environment 6. Increase Global Connectedness 7. Build More Livable Communities