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Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition

LBIRC’s mission is to build and sustain a thriving immigrant-led movement to end the criminalization of immigrants and secure bold protections and advancements that allow immigrant communities to thrive.


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  • CONNECT ·2022 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Winner

    Bold, Empowered, and Thriving Immigrants in South Bay

    LBIRC will build power amongst our immigrant community to advance bold protections, dismantle systemic racism and enervate root causes of oppression on a national, and local level, while also securing critical resources and education that serve as a catalyst for communities to thrive. LBIRC's organizing and leadership academies will strengthen and build immigrant community members' inherent leadership skills; ignite advocacy on a local level led by communities’ voices; secure bold protections and disrupt oppressive systems of oppression.