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Livable Communities Initiative

The mission of the Livable Communities Initiative is to solve our housing crisis. We aim to create vibrant, affordable, car-light communities—where everything you need is right there—by gently transforming underused, job-rich commercial corridors near transit. In doing this, we’ll tackle head-on our crises in housing, mobility, and climate.


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  • LIVE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    New Approach to LA’s Housing Crisis

    LA County is facing an epic housing crisis. There are many causes, but the main one is a supply shortage that’s driving up rents—and it’s this shortage we need to remedy. Our solution will greatly increase housing inventory by empowering local builders to build small, affordable units on narrow lots—without parking. The result will be walkable communities where people can enjoy life without cars. The benefits: greater affordability and equity, less congestion and pollution, more mobility options, and better quality of life for all Angelenos.