Larchmont Charter School

Larchmont Charter School & City Charter Schools provide socio-economically, culturally, and racially diverse communities of students with an exceptional public education. We foster creativity and academic excellence; our students learn with and from each other in an experience-centered environment.


3 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2020 Grants Challenge

    REAL SCHOOL for LA Kids

    REAL (Relate, Engage, and Learn) SCHOOL for LA Kids will codify and amplify a consistent, Whole Child approach for teachers of all grade levels TK-12. By codifying the constructivist approach and building a teacher leadership training program, we can reach more students and help unite public charter schools and LAUSD. This plan builds on LA 2050’s vision of a brighter future, with every one of our youngest Angelenos seen, heard, nurtured, understood, and challenged to become a creative, analytical thinker and a socially responsible innovator.

  • LEARN ·2019 Grants Challenge

    The Larchmont Model-Teacher Initiative

    The Larchmont Model Teacher Initiative codifies the social and emotional learning approach developed at Larchmont Charter School over its successful 14-year history. Larchmont's diverse-by-design, constructivist educational model can reach more kids by defining it first amongst Los Angeles educators and then rolling it out nation-wide. We will train teachers to provide diverse learning environments, dignity in the classroom, and equal access to college education for all students.

  • CONNECT ·2018 Grants Challenge

    Larchmont Social Justice Alliance allows youth to speak up for social justice with a literary voice.

    Larchmont Social Justice Alliance allows youth to speak up for social justice through our poetry slam competition, Larchmont Charter School,s literary magazine, and a firestorm of social media.