LAPD Southwest Business Booster Association Inc.

The Southwest Area Police Youth Board is comprised of Board-elected community youth, and elected youth and adult advisers, with the goal of increasing youth involvement in community safety and quality of life issues in Southwest Area.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • CONNECT ·2015 Grants Challenge

    LAPD Southwest Area Youth Conference: Enhancing Community-Police Relations through the Youth

    The Public Safety Youth Conference will gather advice, concerns and recommendations on deterring crime and fostering public safety and community policing from the perspective of the youth in our communities.

  • CONNECT ·2015 Grants Challenge

    The Community Engagement Initiative

    The Community Engagement Initiative is a comprehensive Community Engagement Program with the vision that local government is responsive to the needs of the residents and Angelenos are contributing members to their community. It is an "evidence based practice" that examines existing evidence based community engagement strategies and assesses how existing community resources, services and programs are being utilized to coordinate these services in an effective and efficient manner.