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Home of Kings and Queens

The Power of Wellness Team Efforts Supporting Home of Kings and Queens. Taking a holistic approach in reaching Our goals to create opportunities for low income communities. Making a positive impact. Doing our part fighting poverty and ending homelessness by providing shelter, clothing, food, and resources that meets each individual needs to thrive.


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  • CREATE ·2023 Grants Challenge

    The Power of Wellness Team Effort

    We are committed to our residents of Los Angeles County most challenged communities. To help coordinate efforts in navigating community resources and provide free food distribution and wellness programs to residents. Our programs provide individuals and families with free services and linkage to resources designed to promote and provide health, healing, and wellbeing. All activities are free and open that meet the unique needs for the community.

  • CREATE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    The Power of Wellness Team Efforts Community Support

    Providing the window of opportunities to Los Angeles County Low-Income communities creating Generational Wealth from Sweat Equity Mission To Help Support QUALITY LIVING FOR ALL. Taking a holistic approach to provide assistance, focusing on individual needs to help them meet their personal goals. Access to Free Community Program Sites Outlets For Community Resilience Program Services. Alleviation barriers affecting individuals of all ages, race, health conditions, Homelessness and at risk youth Program Service Providing Opportunities for Growth