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Handy Foundation

The Handy Foundation is committed to increasing representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) professionals in the television and film industry by offering high-level training programs paired with first time job opportunities for below-the-line skilled workers. This will bridge an opportunity gap and open doors previously closed.


1 Submitted Idea

  • CREATE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Handy Foundation Pre-Apprenticeship Youth Training and Job Placement Program

    The Handy Foundation will expand its program of training BIPOC youth 18-24 to acquire skills and gain employment in the postproduction tv/film industry. The program includes 4 months of pre-apprenticeship assessment and training to teach foundation technical and soft skills followed by 4 months of advanced software training by industry professionals. The final step is preparing youth to enter employment in postproduction jobs through networking and by connecting them to employers who have committed to hire program graduates.