Generation Green's Contra Costa County Climate Leaders Program

Directly from our efforts, six Contra Costa cities have completed Climate Action Plans. Four other Cities are currently in the process of developing a Climate Action Plan and eight additional city agreements have been made to accept assistance from local environmental organizations to being the Climate Action Planning Process by focusing on energy-related emission reduction strategies. By viewing the interactive map on our website,, you can see the progress of our county. Significant environmental progress is underway but, there is still much to be done. We have grown our newsletter network to over 700 people and have over 500 individuals on our social media outlets. We have completed a dozen in-depth studies on environmental issues which have been used by several local cities. We have held over a dozen workshops, connected with individuals from every city in Contra Costa County and have made real strides with the majority of the cities we work with.


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  • 2013 Grants Challenge

    Climate Leaders reducing environmental impact by sharing best practices among local leaders

    The mission of Generation Green's Contra Costa County Climate Leaders Program (4CL) is to facilitate education on environmental policy implementation- to encourage local cities to take action to reduce greenhouse gases in Northern California by implementing best practices used by other local governments. The 4CL Program is modeled after other county networks which have proven to build capacity to the region and we see this model as a perfect addition to the environmental groups in LA county, striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare their cities for the climate changes we are currently experiencing and the larger impacts that are yet to come. Our organization provides local elected officials and staff professionals with up-to-date information through a monthly newsletter, fact sheets, and a website with references and links to projects and policies from peer cities in our county and the larger Bay Area. We bolster this effort with a quarterly workshop opportunity to gather face-to-face to review, discuss, network and learn about a current topic through several guest speakers and important stakeholders from the area. Unlike other counties in the Bay Area, Contra Costa County governments have been slower than other governments to address the issue of climate change and we see a similar pattern in the majority of LA County cities. Yet, real action and real implementation is well underway! We see this model as the ideal system for getting LA County to move forward to reduce emissions in order to abide by emission reduction policy and prepare the local cities for what lies ahead. By focusing on the reduction emission strategies which save cities money, local governments can reduce their impact with devastating their budgets. Sharing best practices, policies, documents and activities reduces the strain on any one cities already overworked staff and elected officials. Whether it is benchmarking building energy use or focusing on emergency planning through adaptation strategies, cities can help one another with facilitation by a Climate Leaders branch in LA. Generation Green's 4CL Program has formally established a network of over 700 leaders through our Constant Contact newsletter list and another 500 leaders on social media outlets such as Facebook in the Bay Area, specifically in Contra Costa County. Our network continues to grow on a regular basis. The network uses a multimedia communications strategy that ensures that best practices are shared and implemented throughout the local regional county network as climate action plans are continuing to develop. The communication strategy we have selected has a three pronged multi-media approach that provides encouraging reminders and easy access to the tools necessary to implement new policies. These prongs are: o A regional website that acts as a repository for best practices polices with an interactive map and matrix of key issues o A monthly newsletter full of pertinent and useful information including funding, legislative updates and upcoming events o Periodic half-day workshops providing education and networking opportunities for key stakeholders on key climate issues This multi-media approach ensures that best practices at the forefront of day-to-day discussion--and that they are shared, supported, and implemented into policies that reduce Greenhouse gas emissions in Contra Costa County. By supporting the leaders that are already present in LA County, we will not be stepping on the heels of other organizations or creating more work for staff, but we will be bringing together the many individuals and fostering the Climate Leaders that are already taking action!