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Foundation For Advancements in Science and Education

Connect youth to STEM education pathways and careers. Inspire – engage – and connect students to real world STEM careers and the companies that need tomorrows STEM graduates. To collaborate with other STEM leaders and provide them with access to content and connectivity that improves their reach and impact in STEM education.


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  • LEARN ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Jaime Escalante STEAM Education Legacy Project

    Our project creates content and builds STEAM education resources and an ecosystem that INSPIRES ENGAGES and CONNECTS underserved youth with STEAM opportunities. We are celebrating the 40 year anniversary of famed LA teacher Jaime Escalante's celebrated class over the next couple of years as part of our outreach focus in LA County. "Ganas" (desire) was a signature principal of Jaime. That concept is used throughout this project to help identify & connect youth with goals and opportunities made real to them.