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FoodCycle is working to feed people, not landfills, by connecting hungry people with excess food from businesses. We’re leveraging technology and empowering volunteers to fight food insecurity and the climate change impact caused by food waste. We believe there is no reason edible food should be wasted while people in our community are hungry.Feed People Not Landfills


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  • LIVE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    FoodCycle - Feed People Not Landfills

    We’re helping Angelenos lead the way to fighting food insecurity and climate change by connecting excess food from businesses with a network of hundreds of organizations serving hungry people throughout Los Angeles. FoodCycle is using the Careit app to empower people to volunteer and fight climate change and food insecurity by recovering food. We believe in the power of food to heal individuals and build community, as nonprofits, government and the private sector join forces to create a model for change.

  • LIVE ·2021 Grants Challenge

    FoodCycle - Feeding People, Nourishing Communities

    FoodCycle believes that there is no reason that edible food should be wasted while people are going hungry. The problem of hunger is not due to scarcity. For 15 years, FoodCycle’s community-based volunteers have recovered food that would have been thrown away by grocery stores, bakeries, farmer’s markets, and restaurants and delivered it to organizations serving the hungry. We use innovative technology to better recover and connect food with vulnerable populations in LA. Our organization works to ensure that people, not landfills, are fed.