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While Filmanthropos is a fairly new social enterprise that was founded in Q4 2012, we are proud to have connected with several social enterprises to create powerful stories that engage their audiences to elicit change. On top of this, we have provided USD 10,000.00 in pro-bono services to non-profits to date - a number that is rapidly and continuously growing, as we are now institutionalizing our pro-bono service offerings.

1 Submitted Idea

  • 2013 Grants Challenge

    Empowering LAUSD with a Transmedia Education Platform for Change

    Filmanthropos is a transmedia production studio headquartered in Los Angeles that specializes in humanizing social issues through creative uses of film and new media. Using storytelling as a platform, we help social enterprises build relationships that lead to measurable change.

    Having worked with non-profits addressing LA's weak public education system, we have seen that LAUSD students' themselves recognize and care about very specific issues pertaining to their district and teachers.

    Of these issues, the most prominent include:

    1 - Inability to transfer into "better" schools because of perceived negative stereotypes

    2 - Inability to learn through creative means as teachers tailor

    lectures to only "left-brained" students

    3 - A desire to overcome drug abusive in order to learn

    4 - The role "bullying" plays in school

    We find it sad that such young and bright students have identified specific weaknesses and challenges within LAUSD, yet have no voice or sense of empowerment to do something about it.

    Filmanthropos' idea is to build a transmedia platform for long-term impact that empowers students to voice these concerns, propose solutions, and encourage teachers, school districts, and politicians to get involved and care enough about these issues to take action.

    A story is the most powerful form of influence. This interactive transmedia platform will hold a collection of real-time, interactive stories from students, teachers, after-school programs, non-profits and social enterprises addressing education, and other stakeholders involved, with the aim to tie these stories and people together in building a comprehensive solution for LAUSD. This platform will highlight every perspective of the problem, and is designed to encourage every stakeholder to create his own content - the purest form of authenticity.

    Our stories are our assets. They can engage audiences to care enough about a cause to take action. We believe that by building a "story world" that showcases authentic and empathetic stories about problems with and proposed solutions for LAUSD will evoke themes of change and hope that will engage others on an emotional level. Problems with LAUSD cannot be addressed overnight, and require the effort of a collective pool of students, teachers, districts, parents, organizations, and politicians in order to be successfully resolved and enhanced. Once we have built a “story world” of masses of people engaged, these masses will combine their efforts to tackle LAUSD’s shortcomings and create change – moving our education system from its current status significantly hindering human development to significantly enhancing human development by 2050.