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Environmental Health Coalition / CEJA

CEJA represents 35,000 Californians in a statewide, community-led alliance that advances policy solutions to achieve environmental justice. We unite the local powerful organizing of our members in low-income communities of color to create comprehensive opportunities for change at a statewide level.

1 Submitted Idea

  • LIVE ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Regenerate California

    We have about 10 years to make meaningful progress to stop climate change by phasing out fossil fuels. Change starts at home, and we can catalyze progress across the world by positioning Los Angeles, then California, and then the nation to move to 100% clean energy. This grant will help us build a campaign to equitably phase out fossil fuel power plants by training 160 activists from frontline LA communities in the organizing and campaign skills needed to phase out LA’s fossil fuel power plants.