El Rio Schools is a new non-profit; our most important achievement, to date, is regularly attended workshops, playgroups and informational gatherings at the Audubon Center at Debs Park of parents in Northeast Los who have an interest in mindfulness in secular public education. We are building the social network for mindfulness in education in Northeast Los Angeles.

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Joan Jaeckel, co-founder, coordinated the successful charter petition writing process for Ocean Charter School, the first Waldorf-inspired publicly chartered school in Los Angeles.

Founding board member, Julia Schachter, produced the Emmy nominated PBS documentary, The First Year.

1 Submitted Idea

  • 2013 Grants Challenge

    Mindful Education for LAUSD

    Mindfulness in education is a means to significantly improve student attention, enjoyment, and achievement. Our idea is to develop a prototype Mindful Education K-8 public school within LAUSD - either as a charter school or as a pilot school. Our aim is to develop a prototype curriculum, teaching methods, methods of assessment, cognitive research data points and teacher education program with the aim of entering a proposal for consideration to the LAUSD between October and December 2013. The resulting mindful education framework will serve as a working model for continuous learning about the impact of mindfulness in education on student and community "good".