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Ten years ago I was a schoolteacher for special education, focused on violent offenders age 12-21. In one program I designed we taught teens to read by using their own music, asking them to rap freestyle into the computer and then sending them home with a CD, their lyrics and the assignment to produce a 2 song album in 9 weeks. Not only did all students complete the assignment, a large portion of the students improved their reading and writing tremendously, many jumping multiple grade levels in a matter of weeks while showing great motivation for the process of creative music production. Two students won demos in local studios for recording contracts and overall engagement and retention of this at-risk population was the highest we witnessed in years of teaching. I saw the sadness, desperation, the expressions of fear that come from feeling lost - and I also saw that the creative arts education can rapidly change this situation and the motivation of the individual learner. Our team at EDDEFY met at Singularity University's graduate program in 2012 at NASA/Ames where we galvanized around a mission to provide educational access to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We saw mobility, ubiquity of resources, tracking and personalization to be essential along with sharing the most engaging learning opportunities available to motivate individuals to be their best and achieve their goals. Many of us could not SEE THE PATH TO MASTERY and so we began creating the EDDEFY toolkit and this MASTERY campaign for Los Angeles. We aim to map and visualize learning for the city of LA. So far we have shared the EDDEFY tools in development at startup/technology pitch sessions and at the educational GetIdeas Conference. This week we shared our work at DigitalLA and we will be demoing our product at technology events in LA this year. Previously my work included transmedia production challenges for audiences of all ages: * Creating arts events and collaborations including * Festivals, big events and social connectedness games * Educational reform through creative pedagogy and curricula * Cause campaigns for major nonprofits around the world, engaging storytellers to share their work effectively and build momentum for thousands of causes My team has collectively over 2 decades of experience in formal and informal learning settings along with 3 decades of nonprofit management experience and a vast pool of technology tools and expertise to bring to this process. My cofounders include two PhDs in data sciences for analysis and mapping of the insights we find through this campaign and we won awards in our graduate program for our ability to navigate the subtle challenges of the educational field using the EDDEFY toolkit. I have served in government, lobbied for computers in all schools when I was 7 years old and continue my lifelong work empowering others to be their best through any media available. Our network collectively reaches over 100,000 experts in Los Angeles.

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  • 2013 Grants Challenge

    MASTERY LA: Map Learning & Expertise for Lifelong Exploration

    MASTERY Campaign Los Angeles is ready to connect the vast talent it has waiting at home - masters in many fields who have time on their hands and interest in making LA a better place to live - with the students who are looking for inspiration and creative action outside of the classroom. Education received the lowest rating in the LA2050 assessment because our schools are failing most of the kids in our system. We do not provide personalized learning options designed to meet the students at their level and interests, nor do we tailor most content for the rich media world that we are creating here in our tech industry. In LAUSD today it is difficult for a student to watch a video or play a game, two essential activities that improve learning interactivity and engagement. We will start by working with the community to provide mobile, alternative access to learning resources outside of the classroom for the thousands currently disengaged from the formal learning system. We will be targeting foster youth, dropouts and those disenfranchised by traditional learning and we will partner with great organizations throughout the city that work hands-on with youth (DIY Girls, Machine Project, Big Art Labs, LA Makerspace are a few identified through the LA2050 events). We aim to create a path for personalized, lifelong learning for all people, connecting the lost and displaced with educational resources across all types of media, people, places and courses of study. MISSION: Be the bridge for lifelong education of foster youth and all people, connecting people ready to learn skills with the masters in our community. Map expertise and comprehend our hidden talent! We can create the virtual support group for these youth to help each other finish their education and move forward to pursue their potential. SOLUTION: Targeting youth age 16-21 for engagement with masters across fields Help with sharing their skills as they develop + connecting to mentors Chart a path to becoming the expert in a new skill and apply for the grants available to achieve goals We will be asking the masters of Los Angeles to share a quick learning path = how they got to be the master in their field and how they choose to share that path with the next generation of creative leaders. We are creating a dynamic interface and network mapping tool for this learning so that we can see how LA connects the dots, shares resources, where the hidden gems are and how to begin empowering LA's youth to work with our masters in a clear and coordinated way. This is more than a mentorship program. MASTERY will include: * Livestreaming hangout series to connect youth around the city * Opportunities to win tablets and learning resource access * Bridge support for grants, funding opportunities and open doors to continuing education for those who may be losing hope * A lifeline and network of care for our disenfranchised youth and their friends throughout the city * Vision for building the future of Los Angeles together by rapidly building skills across fields and sectors, preparing LA for 21st century careers now emerging INDICATOR OBJECTIVES FOR LA2050: * Help at least 1000 kids access financial aid support to follow their path * Map at least 1000 experts across Los Angeles skills, talents, mastery abilities * Meet local design challenges through collaboration and invention in community STRATEGY: Livestreaming broadcast series in Hangouts + YouTube using the EDDEFY tools Host live, interactive events produced in the Vortex Immersion Dome at LA Center Studios (home to Mad Men and a ton of famous film/television projects) that match experts and students and bridge gaps for grants, support and continuing education Use social media to engage with youth and invite participation to find local resources that may be missing on our maps MAP ALL LEARNING: Makerspaces, museums, masters, courses, schools and universities, training programs, places that inspire us and resources from games to books and apps that teach us quickly how to work together and achieve our personal goals. In practice, our events will work a bit like an online game show via Google Hangouts and YouTube, providing access for anyone who can get to YouTube via library or community center. Emancipated youth and those who are transitioning to adulthood will be invited to participate online and these events will build the audience for the live event to be hosted near the end of 2013. Masters will be mapped over the summer and fall of 2013 in partnership with many major events, festivals and community gatherings where people can take a few minutes to share their expertise and put themselves on the map to begin earning a reputation for their mastery.