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Ecole Claire Fontaine

As an Art, Language & Nature school in the heart of Venice, California since 1989, the mission of Ecole Claire Fontaine is to joyfully educate all children by honoring their inherent wisdom, allowing their voices to be unmuted, uncovering their true spirit, and nourishing each holistically and organically with creativity, kindness and respect.


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  • PLAY ·2022 Grants Challenge

    The Children's Forest

    The Children's Forest is a functioning garden forest filled with organic flowering and fruiting trees, plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers, pollinators & children. ECF students year round & all community children welcome on Saturdays with more to come. This is for the children of Venice and beyond who live near busy streets and lack sufficient oxygenated air and green space to connect, explore laugh, play and relax. It will deepen their connection to nature, allow them to grow their own & enjoy freshly grown produce, and mitigate climate change.