DUBLAB is a non-profit internet radio station and community arts collective that has been broadcasting from Los Angeles, California since 1999.

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2 Submitted Ideas

  • CONNECT ·2015 Grants Challenge

    DUBLABs Open Studio Initiative

    DUBLAB proposes to relocate our studio to a storefront location along a busy thoroughfare, and reimagine our radio station’s role in engaging with the public. By making our studio visible and our broadcast audible from the sidewalk, as well as providing seating and free wifi, we hope to give a community members a unique space to meet, connect and engage with the arts.

  • 2013 Grants Challenge


    Sound Share LA will serve as a rich resource exploring the past, present and future of creative music in Los Angeles. A dynamic website will provide the primary portal through which the public experiences the project. This online activity will be enriched by monthly community broadcast events in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Sound Share LA’s mission is to cultivate appreciation and involvement in the diverse forms of progressive music created in Los Angeles.

    The Sound Share LA website will be a free, comprehensive resource available to all. Multimedia offerings will include live radio programs, artist interviews, performance archives, themed DJ mixes, original films and articles. Highlights will be drawn from’s vast, existing archive of radio programs and films focused on LA music exploration. This robust collection of sights and sounds will be constantly expanded with new content from a broad range of contributors. All archives will be tagged with: year, genre, and location details to help define it within the sonic landscape. In addition, we will present content posts as geo-tagged pins on an interactive Los Angeles map, which can be used for educational and cultural projects. The Sound Share LA site aims to create an evolving document of Los Angeles music that will serve residents and visitors now and into the future.

    Click here for a mock-up of the website:

    In addition to the website, Sound Share LA will host monthly community radio events. These site specific, live broadcasts will occur in locations of historical, musical significance throughout Los Angeles. They will be free, full day happenings, open to attendees of all ages. We will bring together some of the most influential music minds in Los Angeles to share stories and live performances associated with the host neighborhood’s musical past, present and future. The radio programs will feature interviews, performances and DJ sets streamed live from the remote sites via the Sound Share LA website. Historical album art, video content and photographs will be displayed for the public to examine hands-on. These programs will immediately be made available as archives on the Sound Share LA website. These community radio events will enhance the project’s online offerings and provide a recurrent forum for direct public involvement. Residents will come together to discover the cultural contributions their neighborhoods have had on Los Angeles.

    Through our actions we hope to spark inspiration within the Los Angeles community and beyond. Sound Share LA will serve as a living document of vibrant creativity from our inspiring city, telling the story of LA's diverse sonic heritage and providing a platform for the tales yet untold.