Dear Los Angeles

None. Our organization has not published anything public yet. I conceived this idea about three months ago after talking with the CEO of Dekit Magazine. If I were to receive this grant, I could have the website and social media channels up and running in less than a month, and weekly episodes for all 3 brands out in less than two months. I can tell you that as an individual, I have line produced two feature films, one of which was acquired and released by Lionsgate (you can view my resume on IMDB at I have become a member of the Producer's Guild of America, and I partnered with others on two separate internet media companies, and while they fell short of expectations, I have learned from their mistakes.

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  • 2013 Grants Challenge

    Dear Los Angeles

    "Dear Los Angeles" is a social media promotional network designed to get citizens of L.A. engaged in their society. Creating videos and podcast content similar to the models forged by TedTalks and NPR, we plan on creating three brands that will engage citizens of Los Angeles in order to encourage political awareness, community involvement, and adult education opportunities: Dear Los Angeles - Our flagship brand focusing on great things about Los Angeles, and great people who love Los Angeles. Shining a spotlight on young volunteers, local innovators, local businesses, and local political initiatives, the goal of this project is designed to encourage and excite people about how they can make a difference in their local community. Weekly videos will update participants on what's going on in the city, and how they can be a part of movements that will improve their living conditions. The Producer's Lounge - Focusing on the multi-billion dollar film & TV industry that many flock to L.A. for, this weekly audio podcast will focus on practical nuts and bolts of the entertainment industry, and how people can advance their careers and their financial stability within this field. With financial stability, comes an increase in security, and an increase in long term community investment. DEKIT - Partnering with an already established magazine published out of New York, DEKIT (, weekly videos will focus on young creators and emerging artistic influences in Los Angeles. Part of the Dear Los Angeles/Dekit videos focus will be on young artists, in order to reach out to students, particularly middle school students. All these pieces of content combined will tell the many varied stories of this very complex city.