Data Roads Foundation

We provide open source software, education, and legal paperwork for nonprofit Local Sharing Network co-ops -- otherwise known as 501(c)(12) Utility Co-ops and 501(c)(4) community network providers.


4 Submitted Ideas

  • CONNECT ·2018 Grants Challenge

    Women@Home Networks

    Give people* burdened with various forms of unpaid home, child, and elderly care a chance at local infrastructure network operator-ownership -- for better educational and remote work online access.

  • CONNECT ·2016 Grants Challenge

    LA on the L.A.M.M: Learning Angels' Mega-Mesh

    Combining communications technologies like Mega-MIMO 2.0 and distributed Mesh networking will allow LA learning institutions, including our schools and libraries, to teach us both online and off.

  • CONNECT ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Community at Home Box

    The Internet today divides communities by empowering remote network owners and information services to overpower local community businesses and resources. It creates a growing digital divide between those who can afford monopoly rents on broadband channel access versus those who cannot. Community at Home (Box) breaks that negative cycle by providing full connection and data services within each home, growing organically into neighborhood and community-wide networks, one household at a time.

  • CONNECT ·2014 Grants Challenge

    100% of LA online faster!

    Get 100% of LA online faster! Allow citizens, institutions, and small biz to build our own networks and connections together!