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Dance Camera West

Dance Camera West's mission is to promote, develop and foster the art of dance film by supporting the creation, presentation and distribution of films. DCW presents a low cost annual festival and other events in Los Angeles. DCW aims to foster groundbreaking talent in this field where dance can be expressed beyond the stage, with film and video.


1 Submitted Idea

  • CREATE ·2022 Grants Challenge


    DCW requests a grant to continue to mentor underrepresented artists (Black, Indigenous, People of Color and Women) to make dance films, by providing access to skills and knowledge of established BIPOC/FEMALE filmmakers, a sustainable artist fee and production assistance. DCW intends to utilize its position as a world leader in the field, to usher in distinctive, necessary, new voices. The program will provide choreographers access to a filmmaking education, equipment and industry networks often unattainable to them.