LA2050 Grants Challenge applications are open now through June 28th, 2024.

CRSP aka Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute (LAEVI)

The Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute addresses urban environmental and housing inequities by incubating regenerative projects, including a 100% affordable intentional housing co-op, a cargo bike shop, a learning garden, and an ecological loan fund. These projects improve quality of life, strengthen social cohesion and build neighborhood resilience.


1 Submitted Idea

  • CREATE ·2023 Grants Challenge

    Creating Koreatown's First Zero-Waste Store

    Zero-waste stores are gaining popularity in Los Angeles, with new refilleries popping up all over town. However, these stores are in wealthier areas, leaving residents of central LA-who often face higher environmental burdens despite living more sustainable lifestyles-without environmentally-friendly options. Zero Waste Koreatown will address this disparity by creating a bulk store in LA's densest neighborhood, bringing sustainable, affordable, healthy bulk groceries and goods to underserved lower-income people and communities of color.