Covenant House California

Covenant House California is dedicated to serving all of God’s children with absolute respect and unconditional love… to help youth experiencing homelessness and to protect and safeguard all youth in need.


2 Submitted Ideas

  • CREATE ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Digital Dove Lab: Animation Training and Studio

    Youth – particularly youth of color - experiencing homelessness in L.A. deserve high-end training that will lead to careers far above the poverty line. L.A.’s entertainment/digital effects workforce and economy is in dire need of new, unique voices and talents. This program – the Digital Dove Lab: Animation Training and Studio – prioritizes the training of youth of color in the latest animation and digital effects processes as they permanently transition to FORMERLY homeless youth.

  • LIVE ·2016 Grants Challenge

    The Precise Barber College

    The Precise Barber College will provide pathways to careers for homeless youth - not just jobs - and combine the best of the for-profit and non-profit worlds for a socially conscious enterprise.