COOP Careers

Overcoming underemployment through digital skills and peer connections for underrepresented, first-generation college graduates.


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  • CREATE ·2021 Grants Challenge

    COOP Careers LA Expansion

    COOP’s (“ko-op”) mission is to overcome underemployment for underrepresented college graduates through digital skills and peer connections. Across our sites in New York and California, we’ve launched 100+ cohorts since 2014, welcoming 1,750+ alumni. 80% of alumni overcome underemployment within one year, earning an average of almost $60,000 after three years. Through this project, we look to scale our program to serve hundreds of first-generation Los Angeles college graduates, and prepare them for well-paying careers in the digital economy.

  • CREATE ·2020 Grants Challenge

    COOP Careers LA Expansion

    COOP’s flagship program is a unique digital apprenticeship: peer cohorts of 16 motivated, underemployed grads meet nightly for 16 weeks (200 hours) to learn technical skills, build community, and jumpstart careers in digital marketing and data analytics. Each cohort is led by a team of four cohort captains, near-peer program alumni who serve as coaches, and mentors on top of busy jobs at local ad agencies and tech companies. In parallel, COOP helps these same employers meet and hire an increasing number of diverse, qualified candidates.