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Children Now

Children Now's mission is to find common ground among influential opinion leaders, interest groups, and policymakers, who together can develop and drive socially innovative “win-win” approaches to helping all children achieve their full potential.


9 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2023 Grants Challenge

    Peers supporting youth in foster care

    The Family Urgent Response System (FURS) ensures that children and youth who have spent time in foster care have access to trauma-informed supports whenever they need it, day or night, for any reason. LA County youth are advocating for peers with lived experience to be part of the FURS team that provides this vital support so children and youth feel they have an ally in critical moments. Children Now will partner with youth to ensure peer support is intentionally integrated into FURS to meet the needs of children and youth in foster care.

  • LEARN ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Helping Students in Foster Care Succeed

    Education is pivotal to young people’s successful transition into adulthood, yet data consistently reflects that many of our students in foster care are not thriving in K-12 environments and, as a result, are less likely to be prepared for higher education and/or career success. Children Now’s project will increase transparency around and highlight the existing gaps for the dedicated supports and services provided to LA County’s students in foster care and elevate opportunities to improve their educational experiences and outcomes.

  • CONNECT ·2021 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Winner

    Improving the Well-Being of LA’s Children and Youth in Foster Care

    The Family Urgent Response System (FURS) will change the course for Los Angeles (LA) County’s children and youth currently and formerly in foster care by helping them experience stability in nurturing family homes, strengthening trust and relationships between children and their caregivers, and preventing the inappropriate criminalization of traumatized children and youth.

  • LEARN ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Youth in LA County

    Foster youth face unique obstacles that can disrupt their learning and impact their long-term educational success. As such, students in foster care need extra educational supports, yet school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education are not held accountable for providing the targeted help they need to learn and succeed. Children Now will work to increase transparency and accountability in Los Angeles County to ensure foster youth receive the dedicated supports and services they need to improve their educational outcomes.

  • LIVE ·2019 Grants Challenge

    Improving Disaster Relief Efforts for Foster Youth and Families in LA

    In recent years, major wildfires wreaked havoc on the Los Angeles community, which has been especially devastating for the children served by the child welfare system and their foster families. Children Now is aiming to improve access to essential resources and services for youth in foster care and their caregivers immediately following a disaster. This project will ensure that LA communities and the state are well-prepared to support foster youth and foster parents following a disaster.

  • CONNECT ·2018 Grants Challenge

    Making LA the Best Place to Connect Angelenos to Support a Strong Start for Niñitos

    Children Now will support thousands of Angelenos to voice their support for quality care and education for LA’s babies.

  • LIVE ·2016 Grants Challenge

    Lifting Up LA’s Voice for Kids to Live Trauma-Free by 2050

    Children Now will bring together thousands of voices in LA County to promote cross-sector collaboration and demand large-scale change to prevent childhood trauma and reduce its impact on kids.

  • LEARN ·2015 Grants Challenge

    Leveraging The Children’s Movement to Make LA the Best Place to Learn

    Children Now will help make LA County the best place to learn by recruiting, connecting and building the advocacy capacity of a diverse range of LA groups, including parent, faith, business and community organizations. With tools and training from Children Now, these groups will collectively push for local and state policies designed to ensure that all of the estimated 793,811 kids ages 0-5 living in LA County have access to quality early childhood programs.

  • CONNECT ·2014 Grants Challenge

    A Pro-Kid LA: Building The Children’s Movement in Los Angeles

    We are connecting the incredible constituency power that exists for kids in LA to influence state & local policymaking in their favor.