Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Inc.

To identify unaccompanied immigrant minors detained by federal authorities or homeless & provide them with a temporary home and essential social, educational, and legal services to address their trauma, well-being, and legal immigration status. Our sister org CRCL Foundation represents all detained minors and can secure their release to Casa Libre.


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  • CONNECT ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Providing emergency housing & services for unaccompanied detained immigrant children

    Casa Libre is the only licensed group home in the country receiving unaccompanied detained minors from federal custody. As widely reported in the media, thousands of minors are in federal custody in massively overcrowded conditions. We secure the release of minors and provide family reunification services, social and legal services, case management, and educational testing & placement. Our sister organization, the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law Foundation, represents all detained minors and can gain their release to Casa Libre.