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Birthworkers of Color Collective

Birthworkers of Color Collective (BWOCC) is a community-based doula organization. BWOCC is a training, services, education, healing, and advocacy based birthworker organization that focuses on and supports pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people of Color, their families, and communities.


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  • LIVE ·2023 Grants Challenge
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    Accessible doula care for Los Angeles

    This grant will support providing doula trainings to Black Indigenous, People of Color to increase the number of visibility and diverse support available to pregnant, birthing, & postpartum people, their families, and communities. And increase the number of doulas able to provide culturally relevant, skilled, and community centered support to Medi-Cal recipients. All with the goal of improving reproductive health & birth outcomes of people of Color, especially decreasing the overwhelming Black maternal and infant health disparities in LA.

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