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Birth Equity Advocacy Project

The Birth Equity Advocacy Project advocates for equal access to quality prenatal and perinatal care for all families of color. We operate exclusively to promote social welfare through advocacy, and we are dedicated solely to lobbying for birth equity. We advocate for all moms but prioritize Black moms and infants

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  • CREATE ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Celebrating Black Breastfeeding with BEAP

    Celebrating Black Breastfeeding w/ Panel Tour -In conjunction with county health departments, community centers along with local doula's, nurse midwives/midwives and local health providers in Los Angeles, we will host four listening tours with panel discussions. The tours and panel discussions will focus on the history of Black breastfeeding, celebrating Black Breastfeeding, be a resource to the community on breastfeeding and dig into some of the challenges faced and resources needed to help any mom if that is what she chooses!