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Bike L.A. 2050

We have been involved in a number of projects focusing on urban mobility and the interface with cities and the built environment. Marc Alt was founding Executive Director of the Green Parking Council, a non-profit organization which is seeking to transform parking into a platform for innovation to support bike sharing, car sharing, electric car charging infrastructure, green building standards and re-inventing parking as a force for good in cities. Marc has also worked with some of the leading companies in the automotive, architecture and engineering fields on urban mobility projects, including the launch of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

    1 Submitted Idea

    • 2013 Grants Challenge

      Bike L.A. 2050 Bike Safety Through Visibility

      Bike L.A. 2050 would like to make biking a safer, healthier option for commuting in L.A. through the use of highly visible public monitoring of bike traffic. To launch the project, bike counters with digital displays will be installed in high traffic locations in Los Angeles to improve awareness of the number of bicyclists using the streets and bike lanes. These digital counters have been installed with much success in cities like Seattle, Portland and in several European cities in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. They are highly visible beacons that have proven successful in broadcasting awareness to drivers, pedestrians and other bikers and help improve the visibility and safety of bicyclists on city streets.