The target metrics are measures of progress for each goal. Any particular target metric by itself can’t tell the complete story. So, we’ve combined a variety of metrics for each goal to provide a fuller picture of how the region is doing. The #LA2050Listens community conversation series and roundtable sessions with topic experts contributed to the formation of the target metrics and goals.

When selecting target metrics, LA2050 looked at statistical information that: a) contributes to achieving the goal, b) can be reliably sourced, and c) is regularly updated.

Access to open space and park facilities play View Metric
Crime rates play View Metric
Easy access to a safe park play View Metric
Gun-violence victims play View Metric
Obesity play View Metric
Open streets gatherings play View Metric
Parks with intergenerational play opportunities play View Metric
Perceived neighborhood safety play View Metric
Prevalence of trauma and adverse childhood experiences play View Metric
Students' sense of safety at and on the way to school play View Metric
Walking and biking play View Metric
Youth sports participation play View Metric