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About this organization

Who are we

We are a K-12 Charter organization of 4 small public schools. We aim to provide scholars in the Los Angeles community with the highest quality instructional standards based program centered on values that are deeply rooted in serving them on a daily basis. Our schools are as follows:

Downtown Value School, serving K-8th Grade; Everest Value School, serving K-8th Grade; Central City Value High School, serving 9th-12th Grade; and University Prep Value High School, serving 9th-12 Grade.

Our Mission

The Value Schools mission is to establish and support high quality, values based elementary and secondary charter schools for populations of students who have been historically underserved by the public school system.

How we do our work

Small school settings: Value Schools knows that strong, positive relationships are key to student success. That happens best in places "where everybody knows your name" and nobody slips through the cracks.

Vibrant campus life: Value Schools students are encouraged to develop their interests in a wide variety of areas. Opportunities for enrichment, physical activity, leadership and service are provided on every Value Schools campus.

Student-centered curriculum using research-based materials: A standards-based curriculum focuses on what students know, not what teachers teach. Student-focused learning ensures teachers provide learning activities and tasks suited to individual needs.

Dedicated and enthusiastic parents: Our parents are an integral part of our campus life. Through their involvement, parents develop an extended community that enriches not only the life of the school, but the lives of families as well.

Highly trained and committed educators: Professional collaboration is the key to improving teaching skills. Our teachers are dedicated to working together to become exceptional educators.

Our Values

Academic excellence is the means to a full life: Academic success helps every person live a richer and fuller life. As an educator we will continue to grow professionally to better support our students and their academic success.

Each student can develop to his or her fullest potential: Everyone can learn, and even though not everyone's the same type of learner, as educators we will support them in growing to their fullest potential.

Each individual is unique and deserves respect: Each individual is unique and deserves respect. By respecting our differences we afford each other with the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights accord each with dignity that is to be respected by all. As educators we will respect and honor the diversity of all persons. Honoring each person’s culture, backgrounds and gender identities by providing an equitable and inclusive education.

A safe, nurturing community: In a community, everyone belongs and feels valued by the others. In community, each feels secure and is supported in efforts to grow and thrive. in every way. A safe community is created by respecting each other's diversity. We strive as educators to ensure that all students feel valued, this will allow them to succeed in all classroom spaces.

Service to others and the community: Talents and abilities perfected through an education need to be used to make a better world for all. As educators we strive to do more than working as individuals, as the community is greater than the individuals working in them.

About this job

We are looking for educators who are passionate about urban education and serving students throughout the Los Angeles area. We want to ensure all educators are highly trained, skilled and qualified to serve students who are traditionally underserved. We seek educators who are values aligned and mission driven to support diverse learners. We want to ensure all educators are collaborative, open to feedback, reflective and open to growing within their own profession.

Roles & responsibilities

General Job Description

General Responsibility

  • A core teacher is responsible for facilitating student learning at specified grade level(s) or in basic subject area(s) in accordance with the policies and practices of Value Schools.


  • A core teacher is supervised by the school principal and is responsible to the principal. However, if the size of the school justifies school administrators in addition to a principal, the principal may assign the supervision of a teacher to one of these other administrators.

Specific Duties

  • Prepares and delivers standards-based instruction.
  • Monitors student acquisition of the learning standards by formal and informal assessments.
  • Supervises students, models and reinforces responsible student behavior.
  • Provides reports on student progress to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Creates an environment that aligns to the values and is socio-emotionally responsive.
  • Willingly participates in collaboration with peers and school administrators. Collaborative opportunities may include, but are not limited to, content or department meetings, student disciplinary meetings, grade level meetings, and other such times to discuss students instructional data, behavior and best next steps to support the student while at school.
  • Supports and cooperates with other school faculty and staff in a manner that furthers the successful completion of their duties.
  • Responds promptly and respectfully to inquiries from parents, and collaborates with them to best support their student and move their progress forward.
  • Attends such parent, community and professional meetings required by the principal.
  • Regularly participates in professional development opportunities within and outside of the school.
  • Supports the philosophy and goals of the school and the mission and goals of Value Schools.
  • Ensures the health, safety and welfare of students and other faculty and staff.
  • Adheres to all the policies and practice of the school and of Value Schools.
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned by the principal that further the goals of the school.
  • Accurately assess students to provide them with a grade that aligns to the state standards.


Required Qualifications

  • Applicants who will hold any of the following credentials by August 1, 2023, are welcome to apply:
  • All teacher candidates are required to meet the following:
  • California Single or Multiple Subject Credential (Clear or Preliminary) or Single Subject Credential in content area desired to teach
  • If you hold a Multiple Subject Credential, you must have an English Authorization (only authorized for K-8 teachers)
  • California University Internship Credential Eligible (Intern eligibility letter required) in content area desired to teach)
  • Proof of California Credential in Progress (University email can satisfy this requirement) in content area desired to teach
  • Non-California Credential Transferring to California; please provide proof of transferring credential in progress (i.e. from other U.S. states) in content area desired to teach
  • Prior to applying, please review the credential requirements listed on the CDE
  • Active California teacher certification in the assigned subject area(s) and a valid English Learner Authorization (e.g. CLAD) by August 1, 2023
  • Candidates that don't hold the appropriate credential or have a pathway to obtaining a California teaching credential will not be eligible for a teaching position.
  • Evidence of agreement with the five core values of Value Schools.
  • Bachelor’s degree in the subject area(s) to be taught or in a closely related area.
  • Has the appropriate credential for the position (see description above)
  • Compliance with the policies on tuberculosis, criminal record review and employment eligibility verification.

Desired Qualifications

  • Successful experience in teaching or in other ways working with students (of the age level for which employment is offered).
  • Fluency in the native language of the students other than English.

To apply

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