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About this organization

LearnerStudio is a nonprofit intermediary strategically accelerating progress toward a flexible, rigorous, equitable, and learner-centered education system so all our young people are inspired and prepared to thrive in life, career, problem-solving, and citizenship. Incubated in 2022 at Cambiar Education, LearnerStudio exists to accelerate systems change, by rallying the necessary additional people, ideas and resources toward this critical moment of opportunity, through both an ecosystem and entrepreneurial venture strategy.

The problem we are addressing: We are at a critical moment of inflection for education in America. Because of a historic confluence of factors-- including the COVID pandemic, a reckoning with systemic injustice and a hyper-acceleration of innovation in technology--there is an urgency to reimagine our industrial education system.  We are in a moment of opportunity to re-architect an $800BN education industry toward becoming a system that truly prepares our young people to thrive in life, careers of the future, and our diverse democracy. Many important organizations and leaders have been paving the way for this moment, but the whole is not yet greater than the sum of its parts, and this opportunity could be lost if we do not act boldly. Without intentional effort, this transformative process will fail to center equity and public purpose.

About this job

We seek an exceptional, dynamic and visionary leader to join the LearnerStudio as a founding Partner, Network Impact. The Partner, Network Impact will be a central executive team member, playing a critical leadership role in conceptualizing and actualizing a cohesive, shared strategic vision that bridges across differences and drives systemic change in education.  In this pivotal role, you will be instrumental in building a network of networks among and across a diverse group of organizations and leaders, including system leaders, policy influencers, innovators, educators, parents, and students.  You will engage diverse stakeholders, facilitating coherence and collective problem-solving. Working through ambiguity, the Partner, Network Impact will create a sense of direction and clarity by amplifying innovation, fostering collaboration, synthesizing new insights, and generating learnings that will help shape the future of learning and accelerate progress toward an equitable learner-centered education system. The Partner, Network Impact will report to and work in close collaboration and partnership with the CEO and other senior leaders across teams to optimize overall organizational impact and external systems change progress. This is a fast-paced and highly dynamic role, with a significant volume of internal and external interaction.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Ecosystem Strategy and Development: Refine and lead the overall ecosystem development strategy to accelerate the future of learning and create a shared, cohesive vision for collaborative paradigm change in a highly fragmented landscape. Refine, develop and execute strategies and initiatives that align with LearnerStudio’s mission and goals to foster collaboration, trust, and knowledge-sharing towards systems change.
  • Develop and Cultivate a Powerful Network of Networks: Proactively cultivate, nurture, and grow our existing ecosystem and strategic coalitions by identifying and engaging with a diverse array of individuals, organizations, networks and coalitions, including industry partners, system leaders, educators, learners, families, and funders - to accelerate momentum and expand allies. Cultivate trusting relationships, shared spaces, and partnerships that bridge differences. Foster collaboration, deep engagement, agency, resource-sharing, collective problem-solving, and alignment towards the co-creation of a shared vision of the future-ready education system we need.
  • Impactful Convening Design and Facilitation: Lead the design, planning, and facilitation of engaging in-person, virtual, and asynchronous ecosystem initiatives (ex. design groups, working groups, communities of practice, extreme teams, and convenings) to facilitate knowledge exchange, capacity building, and surfacing actionable insights.  Craft and use thoughtful communication and engagement strategies to facilitate a diverse group of stakeholders through ambiguity into a sense of clarity/direction. Foster a culture of continuous learning, trust, collaboration, and adaptation.
  • Expand Future-Ready Allies, Funders, Partners: Through strategic partnerships, collaborative opportunities and relationship building, proactively “expand the pie” of allies, funders and partners who are needed in this critical future-ready systems change work. Create the necessary content, primers and conversations to invite new people and organizations into this work.
  • Program Development and Enhancement: Drive the evolution and enhancement of programs within the innovation ecosystem by identifying new opportunities, designing initiatives, and implementing best practices. Continuously assess initiative effectiveness and iterate on components to maximize impact. Develop and implement comprehensive impact measurement frameworks and metrics to assess and evaluate impact. Use generated insights to refine, adjust, and improve initiatives and maximize their impact.
  • Thought Leadership and Research: Stay at the forefront of social impact and change trends, emerging tech and innovations, and best practices in systems change strategies. Surface and gather diverse forms of information, knowledge, and data on topics critical to education systems change to help answer learning questions and support regular reflections and conversations. Represent the org at relevant industry events/conferences.
  • Team Development and Management: Lead and mentor members of the ecosystem team, fostering their professional growth and creating a high-performing team and culture. Delegate responsibilities as appropriate, set clear performance and quality expectations, and ensure effective collaboration across the team. Recruit and onboard new team members as needed.


Required Experience and Skills:

  • 10+ years of progressive leadership experience in social entrepreneurship, systems change, ecosystem development, philanthropy change management, group facilitation, school system transformation, or related fields.
  • Proven track record in leading and implementing large-scale reforms or system change initiatives, applying strategic frameworks and tools, utilizing decision-making and logic models, and deploying techniques to inspire, motivate, and mobilize diverse networks of leaders towards a complicated common purpose and collective leadership, such as design thinking, strategic facilitation, and strategic convening and process design.
  • Strong understanding of the future of education landscape, current educational challenges, trends, and systems, and educational policy landscape coupled with a deep alignment with LearnerStudio’s mission and goals and insights into the need for rallying innovators into shared purpose for systems change.
  • Strong analytical, research, pattern recognition, and synthesis skills to scan the landscape, quickly synthesize research, interviews, and other data points, and derive actionable insights.
  • Excellent communication, facilitation, collaboration, and relationship-building skills, with the ability to positively and effectively engage and influence stakeholders across a wide range of contexts and diverse backgrounds, ideologies, and political viewpoints, conveying complex ideas simply and compellingly.
  • Visionary, results-oriented mindset with the ability to translate vision into action through effective planning, organization, problem-solving, delegation, and mobilization.
  • Ability to manage and facilitate through the ambiguity and rapid shifts inherent in an evolving organization and landscape to a sense of direction and clarity.
  • Willingness to travel approximately 30% for convenings and events.

Preferred, but not Required Experience and Skills:

  • Advanced degree in organizational development, social sciences, business, educational leadership, public policy, or a related field.
  • Certifications or specialized training in change management, group facilitation, or systems transformation/change.
  • Experience in philanthropy, educational impact investing, or related fields.
  • Proficiency in Google Workspace and familiarity with knowledge/project management platforms, such as Notion.

To apply

Salary and Benefits: The salary range for this position is $225,000-$275,000. The specific salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.  Benefits include health insurance, retirement plan, holiday and vacation time, professional development opportunities, remote work environment, and a supportive and inclusive work environment.

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