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About this organization

Los Angeles City Planning reviews project applications, processing entitlements, and approvals to ensure that future decisions about development are aligned with the City’s land use policies and proposed land use regulations. City Planning is also responsible for administering the Zoning Code, promoting urban design principles, and managing the City’s historic resources. From overseeing the long-range planning efforts to managing the environmental review of projects, City Planning’s work has a lasting impact on Los Angeles.

About this job

The Planning Assistant position at the Los Angeles City Planning Department will be opening on September 22 for a brief period. This is the entry-level planner position in the Department and, if hired, individuals may be assigned to perform any number of job functions across the department. If interested in working for the City Planning Department within the next 1-2 years, it's a good idea to apply and get on the list now.

Roles & responsibilities

A Planning Assistant does professional city planning work in long-range and policy planning, including citywide, community, and neighborhood planning; and project planning, including review, analysis, and clearance of land use proposals, development projects, and site plans. A Planning Assistant may have specialized expertise in historic preservation, environmental analysis, and/or zoning review and compliance.


Applicants need to have, or be within 6 months of receiving, a Bachelor's or Master's degree in urban planning, or a related-field.

To apply

Apply online via The Exam consists of a writing exercise and a panel interview. Once the Eligibility List is established, the Department of City Planning will conduct an additional interview with the top ranked applicants and offer positions based on that addition interview. . The process from application opening to job offer can range widely from 5 months to 2 years -- so it is advised to get on the list when it is open.

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